How to watch YouTube on TV? An example of a set-top box on Android

Recently, more and more often you can hear the words"I do not watch television". Some add that they don’t even have it. But after all, on TV, hanging on the wall or standing not on a stand, you can watch not only federal channels. Especially if it's a SmartTV. If there is no such function in your TV, you can simply buy a small set-top box and watch anything on the Internet and transfer from your devices. We give an example of one such prefix.

Interesting design appeals to all gadgets

The main advantage of viewing any content ison large TV, first of all, is the ability to sit back in a chair while watching. In addition, screen size and sound quality play an important role. In short, what can I say, this is really more convenient than watching movies and videos on a smartphone or computer screen.

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Harper ABX-332 Review

As usual, the first thing you see when buyingthe product is its packaging. I always paid her a lot of attention. In the case of Harper's Smart TV box, the packaging is made in a stylish black color, and even the logo has changed a bit, becoming more aggressive. The box now resembles one of the accessories for gamers. I was satisfied with the old logo, but the update says that the product is really new and should attract attention.

Above is the usual logo, below is the logo from the Harper ABX-332 box

After you open the box, surprisedoesn’t leave you. No enthusiastic reviews, just, firstly, the delivery package looks a little unusual, and secondly, the size of the console itself is surprising. But let's take it in order.

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In the package it’s worth notingHDMI cable, which is not always put in a box with such consoles. Although, I was always interested, why do manufacturers suddenly think that I have a cable? The overall picture of the delivery package is as follows:

  • Harper ABX-332 prefix itself
  • power adapter
  • HDMI cable
  • Remote Control
  • remote control batteries
  • instruction

Included is an HDMI cable. It is always a pleasure.

As for appearance, it can be noted notonly a nice texture on the top panel, but also a size that is only 115x115x22 mm. From myself I can add that I always liked symmetry, so I appreciate the correct shape of the square in the design of the gadget. The small thickness also appealed to me, as it will allow you to place the console under any TV, even if it has a very low stand.

A nice addition to the front is the watch. I can’t say that I liked the color of the numbers, but they are unobtrusive and do not catch the eye unless you look at them specifically.

Harper ABX-332 Screen Display Style

On the left side are two USB-connectors andmicroSD card slot. Through USB it will be possible to connect flash drives, hard drives and SSDs to watch videos from external drives, turning the console into a full-fledged media player. The ability to directly install memory cards will allow you to view videos shot on an action camera, surveillance camera or smartphone.

Harper ABX-332 Sidebar

On the back there is HDMI with supportHDMI CEC protocol. This allows you to supply power when you turn on the TV and put the console in sleep mode after turning it off. Next to HDMI is Ethernet 100/1000 Mb (RJ 45) for wired connection, an optical output and AV. In addition, the Harper ABX-332 can wirelessly stream content from any smartphone, and there is built-in Bluetooth for connecting wireless headphones and speakers.

Harper ABX-332 Rear Panel

Separately, it is worth noting even the opportunityfile storage in cloud storage, which is always useful, and the presence of a built-in antenna and dual-band Wi-Fi. Harper ABX-332 supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. In apartment buildings, almost everyone has a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Because of this, a lot of noise is created, the connection speed drops, and the picture either deteriorates or crumbles. This is easy to notice when you walk around the apartment and the connection speed varies greatly in different rooms. To prevent this, the prefix can be connected to a 5 GHz network.

SmartTV on Android

Harper ABX-332 has high computingpower. The prefix is ​​built on a 64-bit eight-core Amlogic S912 processor with ARM Cortex-A53 architecture and a frequency of 2 GHz. This processor is able to combine high speed, stability and low heat. The graphic subsystem ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU with a frequency of up to 750 MHz is responsible for image processing. RAM will be as much as 3 GB (DDR3), and built-in 32 GB. For a quick and smooth operation of a set-top box, such a set of characteristics is more than enough.

The device menu is Russified, difficulties withdevelopment will not be. And what difficulties can there be when Android 7.1 with all its canonical principles is painfully understandable on board? Many manufacturers install a truncated version of Google Play in their consoles. Harper ABX-332 has a complete app store. There will be no problems installing applications.

Among the applications that are already installed “fromboxes ”, it’s definitely worth noting the built-in player for playing files from the local network. In addition, there is a powerful Kodi multimedia processor and IPTV application.

On board the Harper ABX-332 installed 32 GB of memory. Larger than on some smartphones.

The system itself can work with all modernformats and codecs. There is even support for H.265, which is beginning to enter our life more and more tightly. Even 4K videos play quickly and without slowing down the picture. I tried to watch some movies in 4K HDR and everything worked well even with high bitrate video.

Support is provided to improve the picture.HDR Of course, it will still be important which TV you use and whether it supports such a function. If there is no HDR support, Harper ABX-332 can automatically convert video to SDR.

You can control the console using your mobileapplications. CetusPlay is already installed on the console, and to work with it you just need to download the client application from Google Play. There is a more classic way to control.

Harper Remote ABX-332

The remote control included with Harper ABX-332,pleasant with its practical minimalism. It has no complex structural elements, it is lightweight and quite strong in appearance. Separately, I can say that I really like his buttons. These are not those buttons that have a large stroke, increased softness and minimal information. Everything is different here.

Harper ABX-332 remote control buttons are resilient, with a smallmove, and most importantly, with a clear click. I always liked that a lot. In some ways, these buttons resemble a MacBook keyboard. Everything is clear and to the point. And they have a nice finish that resembles SoftTouch.

The buttons of the complete Harper ABX-332 remote control are very pleasant to the touch and work well.

An additional advantage of the remote control will be itsuniversality. It can be configured to control the TV. Thanks to this, you will not have to produce a large number of remotes - everything will work from one.

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You can also control the consoleuse keyboard and mouse. Including a keyboard with a touchpad, which is in the range of Harper. But there is one interesting device that is even better for this.

One More Thing ...

Finishing a review is always nice on a positivenote. This time it will be an additional multifunction Harper remote control, which can be purchased separately for both Harper ABX-332 and conventional SmartTV. The model is called Harper KBWL-050. The peculiarity of the gadget is that it combines a remote control, keyboard and even a mouse. Everything is clear with the first, for the second there are keys, and the mouse works by moving in space (something like a pointer). With such a remote control it will be much more convenient to navigate the menu. Especially when you need to print something. With it, even the browsers on the TV will cease to be a useless function. The remote control can be programmed and the pointer speed can be changed.

The Harper KBWL-050 remote control is suitable not only for SmartTV and set-top boxes, but also for a computer.

I used it with LG SmartTV, HarperABX-332 and iMac. There were no complaints. The keyboard when working with a computer is not as convenient as a regular one, but a presentation mouse may well come in handy. For SmartTV, a virtual mouse is generally a godsend. The speed of its work is not inferior to a complete remote control with such a function. At the same time, the Harper KBWL-050 remote control has a built-in microphone for working with Google Assistant and voice control.

Keyboard Part Harper KBWL-050

The body of the remote control is symmetrical and comfortable in your hands. You can even see that the manufacturer had to go to certain tricks to make it so convenient. So, batteries are inserted not from one side, but from two. On the left and on the right there are ledges under the palms into which the batteries are inserted. When they are not there, you can hide a wireless adapter in them to connect to the USB port of the TV.

The battery is inserted here. While not there, you can store the USB receiver.

Little things are thought out so much that even the backlightof keys turns on at the moment when the corresponding side of the remote control is facing the user. That is, when you use the main part, its buttons are highlighted. It is worth turning it with the keyboard to yourself, its backlight is already on. When you turn back, the backlight switches again. Such little things always inspire respect.

In the end, it remains only to add about the cost. Harper ABX-332 can be found in stores and on sites at a price not exceeding 7000 rubles. The price of the Harper KBWL-050 multi-function remote does not even reach 2000 rubles. For such money, these gadgets become very attractive among similar devices.

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