How to turn any car into self-managed for only 1000 dollars

We have heard more than once aboutself-driving cars. At the same time, it seems that having a huge amount of the most diverse autopilot equipment makes such cars extremely expensive and inaccessible to the end user. But it is not so. Most recently, one of the companies engaged in the production of equipment for unmanned vehicles stated that it was ready to release equipment that would turn almost any car into a drone for only $ 1,000.

A bold statement was made by company representatives.Luminar, which develops lidars. Lidars are special devices that use special optics to obtain information about the emitted and absorbed light. Based on these data, you can determine the distance to objects (including moving objects). To date, it is the lidars along with cameras and sensors that are the basis of unmanned vehicles.

How to make a cheap self-driving car

In fact, Luminar is not going to "reinvent the wheel." They only want to make systems for unmanned vehicles more accessible.

"The main problem is not to" teachcars ride. That they are already well able. The main task is to make technology and equipment affordable for the consumer, ”say the company representatives. “The company that will do it first will become the leader in this very promising market.”

Luminar want to achieve this by cheapeningproduction process, as the line for the assembly of all necessary components already exist. Today you can produce all the necessary parts at a much lower cost than a couple of years ago.

However, another problem remains. If everything is more or less clear with the hardware, what to do with information processing software? Here the opinions of manufacturers diverge. Some companies plan to make their systems autonomous in order to ensure the processing of information based on their products. Others want to give the ability to connect to the on-board system of the car to shift some of its functions to it. Luminar use the first option. That is what will allow them to install their systems on virtually any version of cars.

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When will the cheap autopilot

The most advanced version of the system that receivedIris name, you can buy for $ 1000 and it, according to the developers, will correspond to the fourth level of autonomy. That is, the car even in some emergency situations can do without human intervention. There will also be a cheaper version for $ 500 with a second level of autonomy (basically, these cars can be used on autos with a constant flow rate of cars, when only control over speed, braking and control is required). The start of sales of Iris is scheduled for 2020.

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