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How to talk to cats and cats? Scientists have found the answer

Cats and cats are very cute creatures, but they are rarego with people to contact. Sometimes it seems that they live only in order to eat tasty food, sleep well and ruin furniture. Many studies show that these furry creatures, despite all their arrogance, have a strong bond with their owners. They communicate with people using facial expressions and each person should learn to understand them. Many researchers are sure that if a cat or cat looks at a person squinting and blinking slowly, it means that they like everything and feel safe... But what happens if you start talking to them in theirsame language? For example, sit in front of them, look them in the eyes with a relaxed gaze and blink slowly? In the course of a scientific experiment, it was proved that in this way you can establish close contact with animals and really make friends with them. But let's look at the essence of the study and its results in more detail.

It seems scientists will soon decipher the entire feline language

How do cats smile?

How anyone can make contacteven with an unfamiliar cat or cat, it was told in the scientific journal Science Alert. People smile to show each other a friendly attitude. With the help of a smile with animals, you can also build trusting relationships, only cats and cats do not understand the "human" smile with bared teeth. For them, a smile is slightly squinted eyes and slow blinking. The owners of these furry creatures must have noticed that they sometimes look at people with half-closed eyes. According to scientists, they smile in this way and show that they like everything that happens.

Cats know how to smile and it looks like this

How to gain the trust of a cat?

The authors of the scientific work became interested - cana person to earn the trust of an animal by smiling "like a cat"? To find out, they conducted a two-part science experiment. The action took place inside the apartments where the cats lived. It was important for the animals to feel as comfortable as possible and not stressed out in anticipation of danger.

Cats and cats feel best at home - they are stressed in unfamiliar places

The first part of the experiment was attended by 21a cat aged from several months to 16 years. The owners sat down in front of their pets at a distance of about one meter. Then, under the supervision of a psychologist and cameras, they narrowed their eyes and blinked slowly. As expected, the cats blinked at their owners in the same way. The authors of the scientific work took it as a success - yes, owners can bond with their petssmiling at them in a special way.

Smile, and the cat will give you a five!

In the second part of the experiment, the scientists checkedcan cats trust strangers. The study involved 24 cats ranging in age from one to 17 years. This time, scientists, whom cats had seen for the first time, sat in front of them. Some of the researchers blinked slowly, while others just sat looking away. When they held out their hands to the animals, the cats reciprocated only the researchers who "smiled" at them. Based on this, scientists have concluded that to establish a bond with cats almost anyone can.

Try to relax your eyes and squint slightly.them, and then close for a couple of seconds. If you see that the animal reciprocates, you can start a kind of conversation, the authors of the scientific work concluded.

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Cat tongue

With all this, it should be borne in mind that widelyopen eyes are perceived by cats as a threat. So it is better to always look at pets with a squint, thereby expressing goodwill. You can bulge your eyes, unless the furry creature has done something. There is a chance that, upon seeing a hostile look, a cat or cat will understand that the owner clearly did not approve of their act.

I tried this trick with mya cat, but did not receive reciprocity. I'll try again. Share the results of your attempts to talk with your favorites in the comments or in our Telegram chat. Interesting!

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