How to sell goods on Avito: three stories with someone else's experience

We continue the rubric about the Avito platform, which has already become the central trading platform of Runet, and in

This trend will only intensify in the near future.

On "Avito" you can find almost any goods -from modern technology to rare records and books, not to mention the fact that after AirBnB left, Avito is the easiest place to find and rent an apartment or a house in another city.

What headphones, smartphones, laptops can you buy on Avito right now?

In the light of recent events, trading platforms like Avito will become much more in demand and relevant. Although it would be more accurate to say...

Big guide: how to buy and sell on Avito correctly and safely

The popularity of Avito is growing, so it's time to consider the basic principles of how to choose a product, evaluate the seller ...

Above are links to previous posts.Under the material for the guide “How to buy correctly and safely on Avito”, I read that I can’t write such materials, since I have only positive experience. At the same time, the person who wrote the comment probably did not even think about the logical relationship: I follow the rules and digital hygiene, so I have only good experience with both buying and selling. I also don’t wear rose-colored glasses and I understand that there are no top Samsungs and iPhones for a quarter of the price, that transferring an advance payment by phone number is a bad idea, I don’t follow third-party links and use only delivery options recommended by the service.

Be that as it may, after moving to a newapartment, where there is no pantry, I began to actively sell anything at Avito. An ancient Kindle, a car vacuum cleaner, an old down jacket and a TV - everything flies away just like that. Despite the fact that I am not the most mobile seller: the maximum I can walk to the metro in good weather, in bad weather and in winter - just get out of the entrance. Well, or to a neighboring house to send via Boxberry. However, people buy, come, and then write positive reviews.

Let's take a look at how to sell through Avito correctly, using three instructive stories as an example.

However, before starting, there is one point aboutwhich not everyone knows. Do not be afraid to indicate your phone number on Avito in your profile settings. The platform encrypts and replaces the number. Accordingly, a different number is displayed in the ad. And never give your real phone number in correspondence!

Story #1: Trust your intuition and stand your ground

Here is the article “Deceived by a scammer on Avito withperfect profile. In short, the story is this: Ilya decided to buy an AVR-X4500H receiver from a seller from another city. The seller talked to using a third-party delivery service, arguing that the receiver was large and heavy, forced him to transfer money to the card, and then deleted the Telegram chat, to which he promised to send a shipping invoice, and disappeared (in this case, probably just from one side on the other rolled over, lying on the sofa). And Ilya is indignant!


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In fact, Ilya, to put it mildly, is a careless person -he did not insist on finding a safe option for receiving the goods, he sent an advance payment to the card, and the dialogue was conducted in a telegram channel where all correspondence can be deleted unilaterally. Let's reverse the story and see how to sell correctly. After all, the buyer can also ask to use a third-party delivery service (I have had this happen several times).

So, first of all, let's go read the rules.

"Avito" offers to send goods, the weight of whichdoes not exceed 15 kg, and the dimensions are not more than 120 × 80 × 50 cm when it comes to Boxberry and Russian Post services. And the cost of goods should not exceed 150 thousand rubles.

Let's go and look at the dimensions of the receiver: 43.4 x 38.9 x 16.7 cm and weight 13.7 kg. A package with a bunch of foam and bubble wrap is another half a kilo maximum. Accordingly, it makes no sense to use a third-party delivery service. If you are uneasy, it is better to refuse the transaction. Or look for a compromise - instead of a crate, find a less voluminous and heavy package, or find a delivery service that allows you to pay after receiving the goods. If the buyer insists on his own, then this is a reason to think.

Sellers should also be vigilant.Several times, buyers offered me to send the goods to a third-party service. They offered both payment upon receipt (not immediately!), And an advance payment as soon as I send a photo of the invoice (I thought a little, but also refused).

When sending the goods, do not forget to record the process on video or take a few clear photos. Take a photo of the serial numbers of the equipment! In the case of clothing - tags. They often have part numbers on them.

The easiest way to find out IMEI is to dial the combination from the picture.

Ilya's second mistake is that in order to communicate withhe used Telegram as a seller. What for? Avito has a cool messenger in which you can send both photos and videos. And it is also the correspondence in the messenger that will be a reinforced concrete argument, which will be taken into consideration by Avito technical support. The reason is simple: in a third-party messenger, you can fake correspondence.

The third mistake of Ilya is an advance payment for a certainSber card. This point should be remembered by both sellers and buyers: never say your bank card number. In a personal meeting, name the phone number and receive a transfer through the fast payment system (FPS). Any bank and any banking application can transfer money by phone number.

If the buyer is going to pay in cash(this point must be clarified in advance), then make an appointment at an ATM or at any outlet (the girl from the MTS salon with a sour mine, but she checked the money for me). Probably, in the eyes of the buyer, you will not look good, but I decided for myself that nerves and money are more important.

Selling through Avito Delivery, neither the seller norThe buyer does not have to bother with payment. An official bot will come to the chat, to which you need to tell the bank card number. Only the card number, and that's it! Remember that if you click on the avatar of the bot, then an inscription will appear below that this is the Avito bot. If some profile page opens, then you are being deceived.

Story # 2: lost 60,000 rubles - a story that it is better to overdo it

In this story, Yaroslav decided to sell his iPhone 11 Pro Max because he decided that “when your smartphone costs more than half of all savings, this is a little inadequate.” Wise thought!

Yaroslav was going to sell through AvitoDelivery ”, corresponded exclusively in the official application, but was still deceived. What happened? The buyer paid for the phone through the official Avito application. Yaroslav received a notification, took the smartphone to the Avito Delivery point, sent it, the package arrived. However, the buyer decided to refuse receipt, stating that the phone was a fake as a reason. It was not the iPhone 11 Pro Max that arrived back to Yaroslav, but a plastic dummy.

It is clear that the change took placecarelessness or corruption of the employee at the point of issue of parcels. However, it is Yaroslav himself who is to blame, because in fact he did not follow the rules.

The rules say that you must take pictures andvideo the shipping process. And also capture the serial number or IMEI of the smartphone on the photo and video (photos must be taken not at home, but at the point of departure). Every piece of equipment has serial numbers. Even the teapot. If you're shipping clothes, take pictures of the tags.

If Yaroslav photographed the serial numberof his iPhone, he would be able to present proof to the support service. Here is the serial number of the phone sent, and here is the dummy that was sent to me. Then the Avito support service would immediately return the money, and then they would probably find the scammer and change his arms and legs. And without a serial it is not clear: what if this is a murky scheme of divorce of an honest trading platform.

So let's recap the moral of the story:

  1. It is necessary to photograph and film the shipping process.
  2. It is necessary to photograph and videotape serial numbers, IMEI or tags (if we are talking about clothes) in the process of sending.


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Story # 3: buying a PlayStation 5 on Avito

I wanted one married couple scarcePlayStation 5. We chose the best offer. But since there are no fools in the family, they immediately asked, “why the markup is only 7 thousand, and not like many others - 15-30 thousand.” The fraudulent seller is also not a fool and “explained very convincingly that their store has access to M.Video - they made a large pre-order at the old official price, and it is more profitable for him now to sell the goods with a small margin than to sit and wait for customers.”

The seller offered to send a courier and holdpayment upon receipt. However, a few minutes before arrival, the courier called on WhatsApp and told the bike that he had to pay now and through the Yumani service. Without blinking an eye, the married couple paid (and it was required to create an account!), And then began to wait for the courier, who, of course, did not come (and was he at all?).

Of course, all communication did not go through the official application, but through WhatsApp.

You might think that in such a story couldget only buyers. But the seller is often offered to send the goods through the sent courier. And there are stories when the courier arrives, picks up the goods and disappears.

How to do it right? It is useful to read both sellers and buyers.

"Avito" offers courier delivery, which works on the principle of "Avito Delivery". Couriers agree to carry parcels weighing up to 20 kilos.

You order a courier in the official chat, right therea notification will appear. There are couriers "KSE", "Yandex Delivery" and "Dostavisty". The latter, for my personal taste, are less reliable. There was a case when a courier was specially called by car, he took the order, and then he began to tell that the car had broken down, etc. As a result, I delivered the order only the next day, frayed my nerves.

Before sending the goods it must be photographedand capture on video. Shoot right in front of the courier (you can give the courier 100 rubles for a tip so that he is not so bored standing). It is important that the photos and videos contain the serial numbers of the equipment, tags or any other distinguishing marks of the goods being sent.

After delivery, the Avito chatbot will prompt you to enter the card number (only the number), where it will transfer the money.

Accordingly, if the buyer offersuse a third-party courier, says that it is inconvenient for him to communicate in the Avito application, and gives other arguments why you do not need to use official services, then this is a reason to refuse to sell.


To summarize in a short line:

  1. Pay attention to ratings and customer reviews. However, all positive reviews should not reduce your vigilance.
  2. Never give out your bank card numberthe buyer. If the meeting is live, then let him make a transfer by phone number. If paying in cash, then make an appointment at an ATM or ask at any outlet to check the money.
  3. There are situations when the buyer is forced to provide the details of his bank card. What to do? Never give out your credit card number.
  4. Use only the official service "Avito Delivery" or "Avito Delivery Courier".
  5. When sending the goods, fix the process on the photo andvideo. Always take pictures of serial numbers, tags, and other identifying marks. The photos and videos taken can be immediately sent to a chat with the buyer, informing that such things have been sent.
  6. All communication should take place only in the official Avito application. Never follow third-party links, QR codes.
  7. Do not correspond in third-party messengers, do not provide a phone number or email. Communication in the official Avito application is a guarantee that the support service will be on your side.
  8. Never share your real phone number in a conversation. The maximum number can be called at a personal meeting so that money is transferred to it.

Following these simple rules will help you avoid being scammed. And if the deception still takes place, as in story number 2, then Avito will return the money.