How to remove iPhone password and Apple ID data

Many iPhone users, as a rule, at least onceYes, they forgot the password from their device. Often this applies to old gadgets that have not been used for a long time. For such cases, developers have created a special application for macOS and Windows, which allows you to reset the password of an iOS device.

The utility is called iMyFone LockWiper and may notjust remove the forgotten password, but also reset the Apple ID information (and even give you the password for the On-Screen Time feature). It works so simply that even an unprepared user can cope with resetting the password.

How to reset iPhone password

To unlock an iPhone without a password beforeAll you need is to load the utility onto a Mac or Windows computer. After installation, the program needs to connect iPhone to reset the password and select the appropriate menu item.

As soon as you press the "Start" button will beginThe process of resetting the password on the iPhone. To do this, the application will download the latest version of iOS - its installation is an integral part of the password reset procedure. After the firmware is downloaded, the password will be removed from the device. No matter how difficult your password is, you can reset any password, including on iPhone X.

The program is very simple - you connect a smartphone ortablet and in a few minutes received a device without a password. The only disadvantage of such a solution is that in the process of resetting the password, all data from the smartphone or tablet is also deleted. However, this is not such a big price for the opportunity to use the iPhone or iPad again with a forgotten password.

How to remove Apple ID from iPhone

A much more interesting feature of thisApplications - delete information associated with the Apple ID without entering the password for the account (the only thing you need to know the password from the iPhone itself) The procedure is very similar, but in this case you need to select the menu item "Unlock Apple ID".

Further two scenarios are possible:

one. You have disabled the function "Find iPhone" on the device. In this case, the application immediately starts deleting Apple ID data.

2 Find iPhone feature is on. Then the utility will offer to first go to the settings - the main ones, where to reset all the device settings. After that, the iPhone will reboot, and the application will start deleting Apple ID data. A useful feature when you consider that when selling an iPhone, many people forget to delete their information, and fraudsters use this trick to remotely lock the iPhone.

It is important to note that this application does not allow to bypass the Activation Lock feature. It only deletes Apple ID data from an already activated device.

Password Recovery from "Screen Time"It happens the same way, only here a lot depends on what version of iOS you have. In case you have a device with iOS 11 and earlier, the application will let you know the password restrictions. But note that after this you have to restore the device from a backup.

Even if you do not forget passwords, take advantageutility can, for example, before selling the iPhone. This is a good tool for deleting all personal data from a gadget that eliminates data recovery after a reset. You can download iMyFone LockWiper via this link - there is both a paid version and a free trial version.

Download iMyFone LockWiper

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