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How to record screen and webcam at the same time? The easiest way

Video production is one of the niches onthe modern freelance market. Creative professionals got the opportunity to implement their ideas remotely and try out a new form of work without serious costs.

Capturing video from the screen is one of the best options for teaching editing. The feature is available to users of any device.
The choice of program is relevant for many users, because screen recording is used to create reviews, instructions, lessons and additional comments on projects.

The function is available to every PC user andApple devices, and advanced tools offer secure and feature-rich software in the digital marketplace. We will consider more selective information in the following parts of the article.

Part 1: Built-in Screen Recorder in Windows

Windows users can take advantage of a quick built-in feature - recording a computer screen.
The operating system offers to use the tool for basic recording of materials.
The screen recording option is configured with a few buttons:

1. Activate the "Start" menu and go to the "Settings" section.
2. Next, the "Windows Settings" window will appear, go to the "Games" section.

Want to record live broadcast with sound? Additional video settings are available in other tabs. For example, recording in the background, broadcasting. Audio can always be added in the editing program.

3. In the "Game Menu" section, you need to check whether the function for recording clips is connected. You will also be able to see additional keyboard shortcuts to start recording a video.

Part 2: How to record high quality screen video?

Record webcam and screen at the same time a convenient and multifunctional application from Wondershare will help.

Wondershare filmora - universal video editor with recording functionsscreen and live broadcasts. The program allows you to use advanced video settings, shoot the screen and the camera at the same time, edit the sound. Moreover, at the end of filming, each user can improve their video.

The editor supports elements to enhance color, add effects, transitions, titles, and unique movies.
Follow the detailed instructions for creating a video recording:

Step 1: Download a screen recorder.

Wondershare Filmora editor is available inmultiple versions for different OS versions. What's more, users can use the mobile version of the Wondershare FilmoraGo app to create vivid videos and travel stories.

Step 2: Make screen recording settings.

From the main menu, select the "PC Screen Recording" section and make the necessary settings. The program supports functions to control audio, microphone, screen.

You can supplement the recording with the appearance of a mouse of different colors, edit the quality, save location, set a timer and select a camera for simultaneous recording.

The camera will open after inserting a checkmark in the "Record" section at the bottom of the menu.

Step 3: Edit your video as needed.

Users can always enhance the video after screen recording. It is enough to use some intuitive tools of the program.

Wondershare Filmora provides versatile tools to perform a variety of professional-level functions:

1. Themed titles
Allows you to add bright text to your video. There are templates available in the program that you can drag and drop onto the video track.

2. Transitions
Take advantage of transitions during frame changes. Classical dissolves, explosions, flips or unusual disappearances are some of the options for transitions in the program.

3. Stickers
Emoticons, pictures, elements and masks can always be found in the menu. Complete your video with universal arrows or underlines.

4. Effects
Color changing, unusual movements and other effects are also available in the program. Wondershare Filmora provides separate access to an extensive library of effects.

Step 4: Export the recorded video.

Go to the "Export" section to download the video to your computer. The program supports settings for publishing your video to social networks directly.

It is enough to use your account and create a bright video. You can also share the content with your family or friends.


High costs are not needed at the beginning of traininginstallation. Every student and beginner can create a video and try out professional tools. It is enough to use the screen recording function on the computer and transfer the video to the video editor.

Wondershare Filmora and FilmoraGo - universal editors for creating and improving videos on PC and smartphone. The version for various operating systems allows you to record video from the screen and camera at the same time.

The program supports all the necessary basictools: cropping, sound changing, joining, color enhancement. Users get access to additional features: transitions, effects, unusual titles and an extended media library.