How to prevent climate change?

If you don't consider climate change seriousa problem that concerns you personally, it's time to change your point of view. The fact is that climate change is not a super villain. Bad guys, as we often see in the movies, come for everyone at once and crave reprisal. Supervillains are also very fond of telling the main character what prompted them to do bad things. And while the main character listens to the stories of the supervillain, he manages to figure out how to overcome this very villain. Climate change will not come immediately for everyone and is not going to tell anything either. While we are idly spending time eating up burgers on both cheeks, the situation on the planet is getting hotter. And yet, each of us can feel like the main character of a blockbuster if he is aware of how to prevent a catastrophe.

The supervillain of the film universe Marvel named Surtur. In the film “Tor-3 Ragnarok” he told the protagonist about his plans for a very long time

What is climate change?

The climate on our planet has been changing throughoutthroughout its history for a variety of reasons. However, today the weather on Earth has gone a little crazy, and it was you and I who turned her head. There are more than 7 billion of us and everyone needs food. We also want to live in comfortable conditions, dress beautifully, purchase a wide variety of goods - from a personal car to cocktail tubes and cotton buds. In order to get these goods directly to our home, huge industrial enterprises have been built, the smoke from which gently envelops our cities with smog.

No wonder nuclear power plants,deforestation for agricultural purposes and the growth of the world's population have made themselves felt. According to the latest scientific data, we live in an era of climate crisis. Yes, global warming is happening right here and now. And to make it a little easier for you to imagine this situation, let's recall Arthur Clarke's science fiction novel “The End of Childhood”: according to the plot, a flying saucer flew to Earth, but no one left it. It hung in the orbit of the Earth for many years, and representatives of extraterrestrial civilization communicated only with the person they chose.

The cover of the series “The End of Childhood”, based on the work of the same name by A. Clark

Imagine that climate change is the sameFlying saucer. She is right above us and it seems that nothing is happening. However, after 30 years, the creatures that live on it will gradually arrive on Earth, and natural disasters will invariably follow them. The good news is that each of us can contribute to the fight against global warming. True, for this we all will have to significantly change our usual way of life.

How to deal with climate change?

So that the average temperature on Earth does notrose to two or three degrees Celsius by 2050 (recall that three degrees is the worst case scenario), humanity should reduce the amount of air emissions to zero. It is advisable to do this right now, however, countries such as the UK plan to stop air pollution right by 2050. And the British fellows, because countries such as China, although concerned about the problem of climate change, but so far only in words. In our Telegram chat, there are heated discussions about the problems caused by global warming, join us.

According to the chief scientist in the field of protectionBritish environment professor Ian Boyd, people need to rethink their consumer habits. Transfer from personal cars to bicycles, eat less red meat or refuse it altogether, buy less clothes and goods that you can easily do without. According to the scientist, the world community does not understand the scale of the problem associated with the cessation of emissions into the atmosphere.

Smog-wrapped city

The main thing for everyone is to understand how to abandonToday's usual pace of consumption. According to scientists, world states should launch a large-scale educational program to cope with this problem. A number of measures will also be required to make polluting activities unprofitable.

Professor of Biology at the UniversitySt. Andrews Ian Boyd in an interview with BBC news said: “Our lifestyle harms the environment. We love to consume, but the more we consume, the more we absorb the planet’s resources. To consume more, we increase these resources or extract, as a result we generate waste. At the same time, consumption is constantly growing. ”

Needless to say, what led to excessive consumption and one-time use of plastic products? Recently, we wrote that in addition to seabirds and whales, even turtles feed on plastic.

Are drastic changes possible?

Experts agree on what is neededto make significant technological progress in the way we use and reuse materials, but it is also necessary to reduce the overall demand for familiar products. That is, we must radically change our behavior and change our lifestyle. Each of us must realize that reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is impossible if we do not reduce our consumer appetite.

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The impact of climate change is obvious and requiresurgent action by countries around the world. However, some experts do not hide their pessimistic attitude about the future of the planet - too much needs to be changed in a very short time. And what do you think, will our world in the near future be able to abandon the mass consumption of everything and everything?