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How to make hand antiseptics at home and where to buy components

Since childhood, almost all of us have been taught what to wash.hands with soap after visiting public places. Now it has become even more relevant after the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. People were inspired by this idea and began to buy antiseptics in pharmacies and supermarkets. All this led to the fact that they are nowhere to be found, but on the subcortex it was even more imprinted that hands should be washed. It is advisable to know how to do this so that no bacteria remain on them. Here the psychological moment also worked - since everyone is buying, then it really is necessary. But if there are no antiseptics anywhere, how to get it? It turns out that you can make it yourself at home and for this you need only two components.

Such a tool can be done at home.


  • 1 Where to buy an antiseptic
  • 2 How to make an antiseptic at home
    • 2.1 How to mix the components of an antiseptic
    • 2.2 Other components for home antiseptics
    • 2.3 Where to buy home antiseptic components
    • 2.4 What is better than a home-made antiseptic
  • 3 How to deal with coronavirus

Where to buy an antiseptic

Now really is the time to buysomething is very complicated. This is especially true for cereals, canned goods and other non-perishable products, as well as antiseptics in jars. Usually they were lying in the mountains at every checkout in the supermarket, but now they simply aren't there.

At the time of writing, they are the least likelyfound in large supermarkets, where everything is bought up in huge carts. Rarely, but you can still find them in pharmacies, if you're lucky. A little more often they can be found in “supermarkets at home”. For some reason, “buyers” did not get there. And perhaps there are simply more of them there, as essential goods.

Let's remember how a pandemic is different from an epidemic. Love Sokovikova, you have the floor!

Most of all this stuff on Avito and otherssimilar sites. At the same time, the price per tube reaches a thousand rubles or more. Here it is our speculative mentality in action. As they say, to whom the fire, and to whom to warm. A similar situation is with face masks, which are not in pharmacies, but are full of those who resell them with a decent margin.

Here are sample ads.

How to make an antiseptic at home

The simplest hand antiseptic recipe, which can be done at home, consists of only two components. You only need isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel.

Isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) - transparent,a colorless liquid with a pungent characteristic odor and a mild bitter taste typical of alcohols with a short hydrocarbon chain. It dissolves well many essential oils, some synthetic resins and other chemical compounds. Dissolves some types of plastics and rubber. When ingested, it oxidizes to ammonia and very harmful to health.

Softening and moisturizing aloe vera gel need notjust for comfort. This will be an additional means to fight the infection, in addition to those used by doctors. Alcohol kills bacteria and viruses very effectively, but dries and damages the skin. After a while, its action will end and new bacteria and viruses will “sit” on the skin, which will make it much easier to get into the body through microcracks of the skin.

How to mix antiseptic components

In order for the mixture to have the correct proportions, for every hundred grams of isopropyl alcohol you need to take fifty grams of gel. So the mixture will turn out both effective and convenient for use. For even greater effectiveness, you can increase the alcohol concentration so that the composition contains three parts of alcohol and one part of aloe vera.

The components must be mixed in one container and mixed. After this, you can use the tool. For convenience, and so that the alcohol does not evaporate, the product must be poured into a soap dispenser, an empty jar from the used antiseptic, or another closed container. Due to the delamination of the components, it is necessary to shake the product periodically.

The finished product can be poured into such jars with a dispenser.

Other components for home antiseptics

Most factory disinfectants contain ethanol (ethyl alcohol), isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol), or a combination thereof in various proportions.

Alexander Bogdanov wrote an interesting article on the fight against coronavirus, which he looked at closely.

If you can not find on saleisopropyl alcohol, you can use ordinary ethyl alcohol, which is part of alcoholic beverages. When using such drinks for the preparation of an antiseptic, one must keep in mind its strength. For example, vodka or similar drinks contain inadequate amounts of alcohol.

The liquid used must not containless than 70 percent. But even this concentration will not be enough for a truly effective hand treatment. It is best to try to find pure medical alcohol.

If you can’t get such alcohol, you can simply increase the concentration and take 150-200 grams of alcohol by 50 grams of aloe vera. But in this case, the quality of the mixture will be lower.

What is happening now is not even close to the pandemic that happened more than a hundred years ago.

Polish alcohol may be another alternativeRoyal with a strength of 96 degrees. It is difficult to buy in Russia, but in some regions it may be. Another alternative may be British vodka Balkan 176. True, it is quite expensive to prepare hand gel. In terms of liter, it costs about 6,000 rubles.

Hell thing. I personally met her on a shelf in a supermarket in Warsaw a couple of years ago. I don’t remember the exact design.

If you have difficulty with aloe vera, you can use glycerin instead, which is often part of the antiseptics in the store.

Where to buy homemade antiseptic components

Currently buy ethyl alcohol in Russiain its pure form it is impossible for a simple person. Since 2017, it has not been in retail networks at all. It is released only at special points and with special permission, and records are maintained through the EGAIS system. In addition, in 2019, the requirements were tightened even more. Now the fine for officials is 10-15 thousand rubles, and for legal - 200-300 thousand rubles.

Ordinary people have not suffered much from this. They still sell alcohol wipes for skin treatment before injections and ready-made solutions.

In fact, alcohol wipes are even more convenient than jars of alcohol.

The first ones against whom such measures were directed were the lovers of drinking this alcohol. It costs several times cheaper than vodka, but if diluted with water, it turns out about the same drink.

As a result, as usual, you can buy alcohol, but not officially, and for substantially more money. Avito sells alcohol cans. Judging by the high price, they are not empty. But I didn’t tell you that.

With isopropyl alcohol, things are much simpler. It is used in printing, furniture industry and is used as an antiseptic and degreasing agent. You can buy it in specialized stores and the Internet at a not very high price.

Buying isopropyl alcohol is not a problem.

Aloe vera is also on sale, but not allstores can be found in its pure form or close to clean. Often it is available in the format of ready-made creams or masks. With its analogue, glycerin is easier. It is sold in many pharmacies and is very inexpensive. True, he will not give a pleasant smell to the mixture.

Buy scarlet faith is not a problem. Glycerin is even easier.

Than a home-made antiseptic is better than purchased

You must understand that any factory productsis a balance of production costs and prices for which the goods are ready to buy. Because of this, manufactured goods are often at a minimum level of compliance. According to WHO requirements, antiseptics must contain 75% isopropanol or 80% ethanol. This concentration effectively fights even with coronaviruses.

Coronavirus is not only COVID-19, which is now raging in the world. This is a family of viruses, including as of January 2020 40 types of RNA viruses. Scientists grow them on purpose. But why?

However, many manufacturers from saving orother considerations include no more than 55-57 percent alcohol. At such concentrations, the agent becomes much less effective. Home antiseptics can be done with almost any concentration, this is its advantage.

How to deal with coronavirus

The logic of dealing with this virus is very simple. It is necessary to make sure that the virus does not enter the body. First of all, it enters through the respiratory tract. Therefore, one must stay away from carriers of the virus. It’s not always possible to understand this, but if a person coughs or sneezes, then you should definitely stay away from him. A facial mask can help to some extent, although many mistakenly overestimate its effectiveness. Well, of course, you need to wash your hands more often.

Our Telegram news channel has many interesting ideas that may come in handy right now.

It is the washing of hands that first of all allowsprotect yourself from any infection. Even if you are not inclined to bite your nails or pick your teeth, your hands should be clean. You can just scratch your face and already bring the virus or bacteria closer to the respiratory system and the mucous membranes of the eyes. Through them, the majority of infections enter the body. Be careful with that. Wash your hands, do not touch their face unnecessarily, as we usually do, wipe gadgets and make them wet at home. cleaning.