How to make an unusual selfie? Review of the miniature Airselfie2

I once met on the Internetstatistics that said how many times the average person takes a smartphone out of his pocket and in how many cases after that he takes a selfie. Now it will not work to find it, but at that time the figure impressed me. But the truth is, people use the front-end so often that manufacturers do not even dare to wipe it off the face of a smartphone. They come up with new solutions, torn between framelessness and the camera, but do not remove it. Everything is logical, if they remove, they will lose customers. But, you can take a selfie not only on a smartphone. Although, is it a selfie? .. But the method is still interesting.


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How to take a selfie

The problem with conventional selfies is thatthey can be made at most from the distance of your outstretched hand or from a selfie stick. This not only limits the possibilities of covering the background, but even does not always allow you to fit all people into the frame. This is especially true on some sortie with a lot of people. You have to either ask someone to take a picture, or to fence a garden with mounts, stands and timers. The latter also does not always work out well.

And drones are as follows: A drone in the form of a ring can fly 2 times longer than quadrocopters

There are also situations when you find yourself alone ina new place and no one to ask for a picture, but the background is very beautiful and you need to cover it all. The Pocket Drone Airselfie2 is suitable for these situations. At a cost of 18,900 rubles, it connects to a smartphone via Wi-Fi, flies a few minutes and has a good camera. By the way, Wi-Fi connection is automatic if it is turned on on your smartphone and the smartphone is not connected to another network. That is, in nature there will be no difficulties with this.

Characteristics of Airselfie2

Among the main technical featuresAirselfie2 can be noted as compact as possible. They say about many things that they will fit in your pocket and this is formally true. That's just how it will be impossible to move if it is a pocket of trousers, and if it is a jacket, it will simply be pulled to the side.

With our guest today, the situation is different. It not only fits in a pocket, but also allows you not to think about his being there. Even in the pocket of tight jeans it will be almost imperceptible. This was made possible thanks to the miniature case, the size of which is 98.5 × 71.2 × 13.6 mm. In thickness, it will be slightly thicker than a smartphone, and in size even smaller than it. Unless, of course, we are talking about the iPhone 4 and the like. The weight of the device is only 80 grams, which is also two and a half times less than the weight of a modern smartphone.

In addition to the small size, the case has a largedurability as it is made of aviation aluminum. Thanks to this, you can not worry about it, throwing it in your pocket or bag without a case. Even the screws are inside the case. Among other things, it will also provide an additional level of security.

How to charge a copter

Since we talked about charging, we can recallPro version of Airselfie 2 Power Edition. In addition to the drone itself, it includes a charging case that provides 15 full charges of the drone. Plus, it is a good protective case, and in it the copter will be even more secure. The only drawback of the charging case will be that the copter’s camera will remain outside, but I don’t think it could get scratched. Otherwise, there are no questions about the case. Even to the fact that the drone needs to be intercepted during extraction, I got used to it quickly enough, and it stopped straining.

Charging your Airselfie 2 is also possible from a wall outlet andfrom the usual Power Bank. For this, there is a USB Type-C connector on the case. For this, a separate respect! Until now, not all manufacturers understand that his time has come, and unification is not our evil, but the common good. At least in terms of charging devices.

Where can I launch a drone

When you see Airselfie2 for the first time, it immediately arisesthe question is where to run it. The answer will be simple ... Anywhere! The copter is so small that its flights are not regulated by the Air Code of the Russian Federation. This opens up great scope for creativity. There are only two prohibitions that stem from technical features.

The first will be a ban on flights with winds exceeding 3m / s, since this is the maximum speed of the drone itself. Therefore, he will not be able to withstand such a wind, which in turn can lead to unpleasant consequences, as well as flights in a gusty wind. The second limitation will be the flight range, which is limited to the Wi-Fi network and is 20 meters. This applies both to the distance from the user, and to the height.

It turns out that drones can not only shoot video: # video | In the United States began to sell a flamethrower for drones

The rest of the flights are limited only by fantasyuser. You can fly even indoors. During testing, I ran it several times in our studio and even ran into objects. This did not lead to any consequences. As I said above, thanks for this should be said to the screws hidden inside the case. The copter just ran into obstacles and bounced off them like a typewriter in an amusement park.

Copter app

To control Airselfie2 providedA special application that can be easily downloaded on both iPhone and Android smartphones. It is not overloaded with unnecessary functions and has four main sections.

For initial flight preparation, there is a section“Academy”, which will allow you to learn how to control the drone correctly (although there is nothing complicated even without training) and the settings section, where you can configure individual moments.

Everything is clear with the gallery - there lies the shotmaterial. A much more interesting basis is the point where you can choose a way to control the drone. I really liked the expert mode. In it, control is performed as on a regular copter using two sticks.

If you are just starting to master theseaircraft, simple modes for controlling with one hand are more suitable for you. You can choose between two similar options in which you just need to set the direction of the device.

Immediately in the application you can switchbetween the photo and the camcorder, enable automatic face detection and press the start recording button. At the same time, the video is shot in FullHD, and photos can be taken with a resolution of 12 megapixels. Digital stabilization is present.

Is it worth it to buy Airselfie2

The main purpose of our today'sthe subject will be shooting videos and photos in conditions where it is impossible to do so with outstretched hands. You should not count on him as a toy, as there are cheaper options. Evaluating it from the point of view of the camera and professional aerial photography is also not logical. To do this, he must have a larger sensor and camera with a three-axis external suspension. At the same time, the price of this option will be at least twice as high.

In this case, we have something in between thatwas able to incorporate most of the pluses from both of the options listed above. Airselfie2 is compact, flies long enough to take something off and allows you to ensure the quality of shooting at the level of smartphones in this price category.

Airselfie2 would be a great option for anyoneHe likes to travel, but does not want to carry a large copter with him, because even DJI Spark will be significantly larger, and without an external remote control will provide similar characteristics at a higher cost. Also, the device is suitable for those who want to buy an unusual gift for a person who is difficult to surprise with something - this kid will definitely be able to. It is not for nothing that its creators raised more than one and a half million dollars on Kickstarter and collected more than one award, including the Red Dot design Award Best of the Best 2018.

You can buy the regular version of Airselfie2 at thislink. If you want something even more practical, then for you the version of Airselfie2 Power Edition, which can be purchased at this link. In addition, a special code for 10 percent discount. The discount applies to both models. Promotion code - AIR22

Buy Airselfie2

Buy Airselfie2 Power Edition

Write in the comments or in our Telegram chat whether you use copters and which ones. Safe flights, beautiful frames and soft landing!