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How to make a robot with your own hands at home?

Google has made a childhood dream come true for manypeople and created a constructor from which you can independently assemble a robot. And we are not talking about a trinket with a motor and a pair of light bulbs, because with due diligence, the designer will have something like artificial intelligence. The body of the robot can be made of paper, and the diagram is available free of charge and you just need to print, cut and assemble it. At the initial stage, you do not need to program either, because the source code can also be downloaded. True, the robot will need to buy a "brain" and a special device so that it can learn new commands. It looks like it will take a long time to assemble a robot, but the company positions its constructor as something simple and quick to learn. Let's explore a new Google idea and find out how true it is?

ALTO robot that you can build yourself

DIY artificial intelligence robot

The constructor was presented by GoogleCreative Lab. The robot is called ALTO, which is short for A Little Teachable Object. The project was created so that people can assemble a robot at home and gain basic knowledge of machine learning. Machine learning is the ability of artificial intelligence to independently develop skills to perform new tasks. In the course of assembling the ALTO robot, people must understand how to teach the robot to independently understand and complete tasks. At least Google hopes so.

Coral USB Accelerator and Raspberry Pi 4

Did you know, that robots can even be created from ice? You can look at such a robot at this link.

Robot programming

To train the robot, you will need to usethe TensorFlow platform, which includes tools for training neural networks (one might say, for creating artificial intelligence). It sounds complicated, and the cost of the Coral USB Accelerator and Raspberry Pi 4 computer can be confusing. But we are talking about a rather serious device, during the creation of which a person receives skills that may be useful to him in a high-tech future. Knowledge of English is also required, because instructions for assembling the ALTO robot and setting it up are posted on GitHub and have not been translated into Russian.

ALTO robot can recognize objects and much more - the main thing is to teach it

Google representatives believe that a robot can beteach how to perform a variety of tasks. The simplest of these is object recognition. If you place an apple in front of the robot's camera, it can raise its left hand. And if you put a banana - right. These are only the most commonplace examples, but in fact, the knowledge gained during the assembly of the robot should help in creating more sophisticated devices. You see, someone can even develop their own robot vacuum cleaner or create a security system with facial recognition.

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