How to learn to quickly memorize people's faces?

Some people have a hard time remembering faces - aftermeeting a new person, they may not recognize them on the street. For ordinary people, such forgetfulness is fraught with resentment from new acquaintances, because it can be considered a disrespectful attitude. For police officers and other employees, poor facial memory can have even more serious consequences. For example, the police can arrest a completely innocent person and destroy their entire life. Or vice versa - law enforcement officers can overlook dangerous criminals who can do very bad deeds. Some employees who have to deal with large numbers of people take special courses to improve their memory. However, they last from one hour to five days and are ineffective. However, it all depends on the teaching method - recently Australian scientists told how to learn to memorize faces well in a matter of minutes.

We are surrounded by a huge number of people, but how to learn to remember their faces?

It is important to note, that the below suggested face recognition methodonly suitable for healthy people who just have minor attention problems. There are people in the world who do not remember the faces of others due to health problems - this disease is called prosopagnosia... It occurs when the right lower occipital region of the brain is affected.

Who has the best facial memory?

Workers have the best memory for faces,which prepare evidence for the identification of persons in court. This small team is able to spot differences even on the faces of two very similar twins. This ability is available to them through the passage of a training course in which they analyze the similarities and differences in the individual facial features of many people. Typically, this program lasts several months or even years.

Sometimes we cannot remember even the details of the faces of close friends.

How to improve facial memory?

In 2017, a group of Australian scientists examinedmethods used by professional face recognition experts. It turned out that their main secret is that they do not look at the whole face, but at its individual parts. More specifically, they try to find more distinctive features in the person's appearance, such as the shape of the ears, scars and other markings. They remember them and subsequently, with great accuracy, recognize the person who previously appeared in front of them.

When meeting a new person, it is better to remember their distinctive facial features, such as the presence of scars or moles.

Scientific author Alice Towler concluded that "Breaking" a person's face into pieces like a puzzle - the best strategy for the fastestmemorization and subsequent recognition. A limited number of specialists have been trained in this technique, she said. Most likely, this method is not mentioned in the short courses that many professionals take with a large number of people.

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How effective is the way to improve memory?

To test the hypothesis put forward, scientistsconducted an experiment. They gathered volunteers and divided them into two groups who are ready to learn about accurate facial recognition. Participants in the first group were asked to memorize people by the shape of their ears and marks on the face, and the second - by the shape of the face and mouth. At the end of the experiment, it was found that memorizing faces by ears and marks on the face improves recognition accuracy by 6%... But focusing on the shape of the face and mouth does not give an improved result.

Thanks to this method, you can notice differences even between twins.

It might seem like a 6% increase in accuracythis is not an impressive result. But if we consider that even professionals make mistakes in every second (!) Situation, this is a big breakthrough. The discovery turned out to be very important because it can prevent the arrest of innocent people and prevent many other problems. At the moment, several international organizations are already trying to implement the method of memorizing faces developed by Australian scientists. Meanwhile, scientists are trying to find even more accurate ways.

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Admittedly, this is rather But the result turned out to be quite interesting - personally, I also have problems remembering the faces of new acquaintances, you can test the method in practice. If you want to take a more scientific look at this topic, I recommend this article. In it, my colleague Lyubov Sokovikova told in detail how the human brain recognizes the faces of people around and why some people find this task much easier than others.