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How to keep fit during self-isolation?

It was 74 days of universal quarantine. The government at first said that this was not for long, but somehow it was delayed. Yes, I myself understood that it was too early to remove insulation. Daily world reports showed that the number of infected people is growing exponentially. We all just had to sit at home and wait for this nightmare to end ... However, recently, I have not been let down by the thought of HYS (Help Your Self) Corporation, which launched an active advertising campaign around the world. Their idea is very simple: you subscribe to a specific course and complete the tasks of your curator. Nothing complicated. Exercise, a proper diet, foreign language training and self-development courses. In other words, everything that in ordinary life will require financial investments, but in existing realities you are ready to provide it for free. But if you can’t do it, they will write off the amount equal to your annual income. However, if you comply with all the requirements scrupulously, then it is completely free.

How much more do we have to spend in isolation?

I have some friends who signed with themcontract, but they became somehow closed or something. In the beginning, they very willingly shared their achievements, but then somehow they suddenly went into the shadows. I don’t know what this is connected with, but it clearly added intrigue. I installed the HYS application, filled out a questionnaire and waited ...

Just a few minutes later I contacteda manager who in a very mild and unobtrusive way asked about my goals. Well, what can I say? Keep yourself in shape, tighten your tongue, learn programming or a new profession and do not lose your mind. After another 10 minutes, a framework agreement arrived at my post office, which I readily signed. Bribed by the fact that there was nothing to pay. Payment was implied only if I decide to terminate the contract ahead of time. But I didn’t contact this office in order to interrupt something in advance.

The first thing that was demanded of me as part ofconcluded agreement, is to provide access to my single account. Fortunately, now it’s possible to give guest access in a couple of clicks and not think that they can “steal” it. Access was granted, and I began to wait ...

Are we ready to go beyond our own comfort?

The next morning I woke up from my callphone. While picking up the phone, I heard the voice of my curator that I needed to quit all current affairs and do home jogging. Now, recalling my thoughts at that moment, I think that I was very glad that the program began to work. The first week was very simple. I performed tasks, got points that I did not know where to spend, and overall, I felt great. Later, points could be spent on skipping any tasks, but they were sorely lacking to mess around. But then something went wrong.

Did you know that astronauts need to go through strict quarantine to get on the ISS? We tell in detail.

One day I decided to skip regularclasses and just noted in the application that I completed them. At that very moment, all entertainment services were disconnected on my devices: YouTube, games, twitch and others. When I started, I just received the message "You have not completed daily tasks." I could not somehow influence this. Neither reinstalling, nor resetting, nor changing the account helped. The only way to influence this was to complete the prescribed tasks and exercises. Oh yes, there was also a “Refuse” button, when I clicked it, they would deduct my annual income from me. But the most interesting thing was that even if there was no money in the account, you were simply automatically pledged on credit under not very favorable conditions (this was also spelled out in the Agreement). What should I do? Signed, so signed.

About a month later, I closed myself off from my friends. It was hard for me to tell them that I contacted HYS. In our party, they talked about this slightly dismissively, or something. But I saw that not one was hooked on this needle.

Somewhere after 3 months I entered the rhythm and stoppedto think that the system is aimed at breaking me. Rather, the opposite. My greed and greed played into my hands. In the regime of continuous isolation for me it became a breath of air. There was almost no time for entertainment, but in order to earn it, one had to “sweat” well. And you know what? I managed. I don’t know how much more will have to be spent in isolation, but I’m absolutely sure of one thing - with proper motivation, we can all remain human. Confident, healthy and fit!

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A fantastic story by an unknown author.

What do you think? Ready to risk your money for the sake of the goal to make yourself better? Let's imagine that the HYS Corporation really exists and is it ready to invest knowledge in those who are ready for this? Will a company survive with such a monetization model? Let's discuss in the comments!