How to keep a strange cat out of your country house: pet doors that define faces

Although doors forpets, but some people can still meet them in their dachas. This is convenient, a cat or dog can go for a walk or come back at any time without your help.

However, even in such a simple construction, there isunderwater rocks. Any strange animal from the street can enter the door. Few people will like the fact that when going around the house you will catch the eye of a neighbor with a tail, who, sitting on the dining table, eats your sandwich with sausage.

Realizing the inferiority of the doors, on Kickstarterthe developers posted a new proposal: a sunroof built into the front door with a face recognition system. Now only your animal can enter the interior. Neighbor cats and dogs will no longer be able to spoil your vacation.

The pet's muzzle is read by special sensors with artificial intelligence and, in fact, is an analogue of Face ID technology.