How to increase life expectancy? What can be done now?

Gene therapy Stem cells. CRISPR. Every day we see new, powerful and revolutionary instruments in the field of medicine appear and progress. Perhaps aging and death will one day be defeated. But not yet. What needs to be done in order to increase the life expectancy now? How to delay the most inevitable moment when the body refuses to maintain life, when the last resources run out? With this question we turned to the experts.

How to protect yourself from premature death and to delay the approach of old age?

Andrei Melnikov, doctor of the highest category, TeleMed, chief specialist of the remote service on health issues

“Old age and death are inevitable. The causes and mechanisms of aging for many decades haunt researchers.

Scientists of the University. Max Planck could not find any quality among centenarians, which would unite life expectancy above average, except for a good heredity. Alas! Changing genes is still somewhat problematic.

But already in his youth, one should think about active long life. “Old age is strong thanks to the foundations laid in youth,” said Mark Cicero.

Conscious longevity! This is a system that includes lifestyle, habits, views of the present and the future, a culture of thought, health care, which is the basis of longevity. As is known, the efficiency of the system is much greater than the simple sum of its components. In addition to such things (the story about which turns into a commonplace), like giving up tobacco, drinking and other risk factors, physical activity, good sleep, regular sex, there are less obvious points. This is a conscious decision on the formation of a mindset aimed at stress tolerance and positive emotions, avoiding negative ones. “Happiness excludes old age. He who retains the ability to see the beautiful does not age, ”said Franz Kafka.

Meditative exercises and techniques for controlling emotions to a conscious long-liver to help.

Along with proper nutrition, which includescaloric restriction, the consumption of animal protein, and most importantly sugar and “fast” carbohydrates, it is necessary to avoid all sorts of “excesses”. Constant mental activity is no less important than physical. It is necessary to learn, learn, speak, ponder and reflect. Read, understand, look, form your own opinion, learn languages, think about others, and in no case do not stand still.

WHO experts estimate life expectancymuch more dependent on lifestyle and ecology than on the development of medicine. Nevertheless, the conscious survivor is obliged to use its capabilities. Regular preventive examination (clinical examination) allows you to identify many diseases at the earliest stages, which makes their treatment simple and effective.

Following the system of conscious longevity is alsochoice. And not easy. How difficult it is not to fall into temptation! Maybe someone just hoping for genes? This is also a choice. Only in this case it is necessary to meet the old age prepared. "

How to postpone the onset of old age?

Mikhail Yugai, Director General, International Medical Cluster Foundation

"The standard of living in the modern world is growing,medicine is actively developing, and these changes allow a person to live longer and longer: according to a UN report, it is expected that by 2050 in most countries the number of older people will more than double (from 962 million to 2.1 billion). Of course, I want to live not just longer - I want to maintain a high quality of life for as long as possible.

Today, Russia is ranked 110 out of183 countries in terms of life expectancy. Chronic noncommunicable diseases cause 80% of deaths in Russia, while the world mortality rate for this type of disease is 20% lower. Why? The main factors can be distinguished lifestyle, habitat and heredity. Notice, we can not affect only the latter.

For those who want to live long, there are two recommendations that you can follow now. It is effectively built prevention system and lifestyle change.

Speaking of prevention, it is worth noting that inOur country has not formed the habit of undergoing regular examinations, most are referred to the doctor in the late stages of the disease, when full recovery is impossible and requires substantial financial expenditures. To discipline Russians, it is necessary to introduce the practice that exists in Western countries: if a person who has not passed the mandatory screening on time has a disease, then the treatment is paid for by the patient. As long as this system does not exist in Russia, one can discipline oneself independently and regularly undergo examinations: a screening diagnosis (check) is carried out both in private centers and in state institutions where one can undergo a full examination in a short time.

Healthy living is even more important.component of a long and high-quality life. Most diseases can be prevented or delayed by their development, eliminating such risk factors as tobacco and alcohol use, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity. Insufficient physical activity is an independent risk factor for the development of chronic diseases and is estimated to result in 1.9 million deaths worldwide. In addition, according to WHO estimates, lack of physical activity is the main cause of about 21–25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes cases and about 30% of coronary heart disease.

Only 30 minutes five times a week givenmoderate-intensity physical activity will reduce the risk of developing these non-communicable diseases, and avoiding alcohol will reduce the frightening number of deaths resulting from excessive drinking: 3 million deaths, which is 5.3% of all deaths.

Recommendations for a healthy and long life seem obvious and simple, but it is their observance that can prolong life and improve its quality. ”

How to live happily ever after?

Inna Anisimova, PR Partner CEO

“First, you need to keep track of weight. You will not find fat people among long-livers. Overweight is a heart problem and the main cause of the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus, a disease that kills more people each year than HIV infection.

Secondly, it is worth diluting your moving physical activity. There are studies that prove that the lack of movement in the long run affects the body almost as badly as smoking.

It has a deplorable effect on us andconstant use of mobile. Everywhere: at playgrounds, in cafes, in museums - people sit in telephones instead of enjoying life around and chatting with loved ones. This is bad for posture, and for the eyes, and in the end for psychological well-being.

In addition, in my experience, I realized that muchIt’s better to go on a weekly holiday every three months than to leave work for a full month. The brain so reboots in time, and professional burnout does not have time to capture the mind and body. "

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