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How to forget about PDF problems forever

Many scientific works are available on the Web in the formatPDF, and for a reason. Unlike the same .docx and many other text formats, PDF is easy to open, sometimes you don't even need to download a special application for this (on Mac, you can view PDF in the standard "View" utility). However, in terms of PDF editing everything is somewhat more complicated:there are no normal free tools with enough features, and few people want to pay a lot of money for a subscription to the same Adobe editor. We solved this issue using the PDFelement 7 application, which is much cheaper than its analogues.

No more problems with PDF editing

It is a pretty powerful PDF program,which performs tasks from editing PDF and adding annotations to extracting data from PDF and merging multiple documents. It is available for both Windows and Mac, and you can download the application directly from the Mac App Store, and PDFelement also has a mobile application. Immediately captivating is the design, which is very simple and as close as possible to Microsoft Word.

The navigation elements on the left allow you to getquick access to editing text, images, links, shapes and other tools. Use the right pane to format or search the document, and access bookmarks, thumbnails, and comments.

The app offers many PDF editing tools

You can merge PDFs, convert them to other formats

Besides editing text and images, PDFelement can also work with PDF files themselves:

  • Convert files to PDF and vice versa;
  • Leave annotations, signatures;
  • Export the document to any convenient format;
  • Combine multiple PDFs into one.

It also provides the ability to edit images and graphs in your PDFs.

PDFelement automatically detects images

If, for example, you are preparing documents for protectionpatent or are engaged in development that it is too early to see for others, all documents need to be watermarked, this can be done with PDFelement. To prevent any actions with the file (prohibit editing, copying, etc.), it is better to set up password protection, in which case only you will have access to it.

Password protection helps protect your document from prying eyes

But one of the main functions of the application, in ourglance, optical character recognition. At home or at work, especially in academic writing, you often have to deal with paper versions of documents. Sooner or later, all this has to be digitized in order to get rid of unnecessary paper or prepare an article in electronic form. Rather than retyping text from a sheet, it is better to entrust it with a function that recognizes text (using OCR) and converts the document to PDF.

The application will automatically offer to recognize the text from the scan

As a result, we have fully digitized documents, which are not only easier to work with, but also you can make various edits.

If the text is in several languages, they can be selected (up to 12 pieces!)

In addition to all this, the application has the ability automatically recognize form fields and extract large amounts of data if you frequently work with spreadsheets, including Excel.

If you did not take your computer with you, butyou need to edit PDF right now, you can use the PDFelement application, which for the most part repeats the functionality of the desktop version of the utility. Moreover, you do not need to pay for the application, it is enough to subscribe once (or buy "forever"), and log in to the application with the same account as on the desktop.

You can import a file from the cloud and start working with it right away

Conveniently, the app supports allpopular cloud storage and file synchronization between devices using the native PDFelement cloud. Well, among the pleasant bonuses there is support for the dark theme and other design buns, so that it is not only convenient to work, but also pleasant.

Editing PDFs on the go has never been easier

Download PDFelement for iOS

This application is suitable for everyone who in one way or anotherlinked to PDF format. The same medical records are often kept in several formats, financial documents are stored either in .docx or in PDF, reports are often submitted in .doc and .docx formats. All this can be tidied up and transferred to PDF, if you have a similar tool at hand.

PDFelement is available for both Windows and OS X, inincluding the Mac App Store, and the last point is very important, since there are simply no normal utilities for working with PDF on Mac. The trial version will allow you to get acquainted with the functionality of the application, which can then be easily used for both personal and corporate purposes.

Learn more about PDFelement on the developer's site