How to find a missing dog by the imprint of its nose?

In the 1980s, technology was invented in the USSimplifying the search for missing dogs. Its essence lies in the fact that a pet grain-sized device with a set of numbers is implanted under the pet's skin. The person who found the dog can read it using a special device and find out the name, address and telephone number of the owner. The technology is popular today, and the so-called chipping of dogs costs about 1000 rubles. However, she had an alternative - Chinese programmers created a free way to create a dog "passport" using a smartphone.

Chinese company Megvii, which is known asThe developer of a tracking system for 1.3 billion people in China, offers dog owners to photograph the noses of their pets. The fact is that in the world there are no dogs with the same nose - they do not resemble each other as well as human fingerprints. Photos taken from different angles are stored in one place, next to pictures of the noses of thousands of other dogs.

How to search for a lost dog?

According to the developers, find outregistered dog on the nose, pointing at her smartphone camera, it is possible with an accuracy of up to 95%. They claim that, thanks to the application, about 15,000 lost dogs have already been found. However, the fact that millions of dog breeders immediately begin to register their pets, it is believed with great difficulty. According to the World Society for the Protection of Animals, at the moment the number of dogs on Earth is 500 million, and 75% of them are stray.

Nevertheless, developers are confident in the effectivenesstheir technology, and even want to use it for other purposes. For example, using the application, you can punish dog owners for not cleaning them during a walk - people simply cannot fool the police, saying that it is not their pet. By pointing a smartphone camera at the dog's nose, law enforcement officers will quickly find out who its owner is.

Despite the developers confidence inthe utility of the application, it still seems extremely doubtful. The situation where a policeman proves that a dog who has spoiled a lawn belongs exactly to the person he stopped seems unreal. To bring to justice people who do not clean up after their pets in more practical ways. For example, in Europe, when they implant chips, they want to take DNA samples of dogs at the same time - having found dog feces on the street, the police will be able to compare its DNA with registered samples, recognize the dog and fine its owner.

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If technology gains popularity, itcan significantly reduce the number of stray dogs that are dangerous to urban residents. Recently, scientists conducted a study in which they found out which dogs are the most aggressive in the pack.

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