How to erase information about yourself from popular data collection services

Surely, everyone at least once wanted the Internet to basically forget about our existence.

Currently, most collectors, scammers and other unscrupulous people collect information about you in bots Telegram.

There are several of them. The most famous are Quick Osint and the Eye of God. Also, various scammers can use Get Contact, FindClone, Google, Yandex and even VKontakte.

We tell you how to remove or hide information about yourself in them as much as possible.

In Quick Osint, a Telegram bot, in order to delete information about yourself, you will need to write to support. In essence, this is a bot that collects all information about you from open sources.

In support, you will be given an application that you fill out, send a photo to support, and after that your data will be deleted from the bot's database within a week.

In the Eye of God, things are much more complicated. This is the most famous bot, which was also recently connected to the Solaris base. That is, to find a person there is very, very easy.

You cannot delete your data from there, but you canmake sure no one sees them. To do this, follow the link , where you need to enter reliable information about yourself, and among the reasons for deletion we put other reasons. Further in the field we write that the information is outdated. The application will be accepted within one day.

Application Get contact allows you to track how the number is recorded by other people. That is, if you have a number, you can find out how you are recorded with other people, and thus find out your real name.

In order to delete a number, you need to go tosite , log in through your Telegram account. After that, at the bottom of the page, you just need to turn off the visibility of your number.

FindClone allows you to find you in social networks by your photo. And in order to delete information about you, just write to the support mail of the application and the site, attaching your photo.

To delete data about yourself from Google, in which you can also easily break through your full name, you need to write a statement at the link .

IN Yandex the story is similar.But there, in order to delete information about yourself, you will need a passport. It all works according to Russian laws, in particular the “Right to be forgotten”.

In In contact with it is easy to find your page just by knowing yourroom. In order to make this impossible, you need to go to “Settings”, select “Privacy” there, and then find the item there “Who can find me by importing contacts”. There, select the "Nobody" tab.

In general, we have described the most popular wayssearch and collect information about you. In the end, each person has the right not to transfer information about himself to anyone. But if you have nothing to fear (except intrusive spam), then it is quite possible to live without it.