How to determine the pressure using a smartphone

Chinese and Canadian scientists working together ona technology that allows you to measure blood pressure as easily as taking a selfie. Researchers at the University of Toronto and the clinical hospital of Hangzhou Pedagogical University are involved in the development. The essence of the innovation is that a special program in the smartphone will be able to determine blood pressure and pulse from the facial blood flow based on a short video made by the user himself.

Quartz published an interview with a psychologistand leading author of the article in the journal of the American Heart Association Kang Li. He spoke about the application of transdermal optical imaging technology by his team. This means that the light emitted by the smartphone’s camera “shines through” the outer layer of the skin, fixing the movement of the protein through the bloodstream. This information is read by a program based on machine learning algorithms and converts it into blood pressure readings. The error in measuring pressure in this way is 5%, when compared with the results provided by the tonometer.

Tested the application for smartphone 1328volunteers, mostly of East Asian and European descent. Scientists believe that people with dark skin color will not be so accurate. Therefore, research will continue to refine the algorithm.

Source: QZ