How to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner to stay healthy

Did you know, how often do you need to clean at home to maintain cleanliness and ownhealth? At least 3-4 times a week. And we are not talking about simple dust collection, but rather about wet cleaning. Because this is the only way to achieve effective removal of debris particles that settle on the floor, and then spread around the room from our movements. This does not carry anything good in itself. In the best case scenario is waiting for you labored breathing, and at worst - if there are prerequisites - maybe get asthma... This means you need to clean up more often. But what if you really don't want to do this? Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner, certainly.

The choice of a robot vacuum cleaner must be approached wisely

A robot vacuum cleaner, especially a cleaning one, is a terrific piece for the home. Thanks to him, you can not just keep the apartment cleanbut also to carry out wet cleaning, which improves the efficiency of dust removal. It is enough to set it up once, and he himself will go to work at a strictly specified time.


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  • 2 Washing robot vacuum cleaner with lidar
  • 3 How the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works
  • 4 Setting up the Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    • 4.1 Buy Roidmi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Which robot vacuum cleaner to choose

The only one lack of robotic vacuum cleaners - this is a very small container for garbage(no more than 250 ml), which will have to be shaken out after one or two cleanings. Especially if you have pets and the apartment is carpeted. It is worth forgetting to empty it once, and further cleaning will be impossible.

The Roidmi robot vacuum cleaner dumps garbage into the docking station, and it can be cleaned no more than once every 2 months

This problem can be solved Roidmi Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner... This is a self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner.It comes with a special docking station with a 3L container and a vacuum pump, which cleans it automatically as soon as it starts charging. It just sucks in all the debris, leaving the vacuum cleaner itself clean.

Roidmi Is a sub-brand of Xiaomi for the production of household cleaning devices. So Roidmi vacuum cleaners support the Mi Home app and work with Alice and Google Assistant.

With a container built into the docking station, you can do not shake out the trash for up to two months... It's much better than every two daysempty the vacuum cleaner itself. Despite the fact that the docking station itself keeps dust and debris in itself all this time, it is completely sealed, so there is no need to fear for a leak. In addition, it has a built-in disinfectant that kills germs, and at the same time removes unpleasant odors.

Washing robot vacuum cleaner with lidar

Roidmi Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner is very smart.At least in everything that concerns movement. Unlike many robotic vacuum cleaners, which move chaotically, Roidmi's solution is perfectly aware of where it has already been and where it has not yet been. It helps him in this. built-in lidar... Just like Tesla's electric cars or new iPhones.

Robot cleaning vacuum cleaner is better than non-cleaning one

Lidar allows the vacuum cleaner to build a mappremises, defining its boundaries, as well as pre-recognize obstacles in order to avoid them. Moreover, the recognition takes place not only in the horizontal, but also in the vertical plane. Robot vacuum cleaner he will easily understand that there is a sofa in front of him with a not high enough clearance, and will not go under it, so as not to get stuck.

If you have conventional robot vacuum cleaner, you need to clean its garbage container at least once every 2-3 days. And with Roidmi it will be possible to do it once every 2 months.

Roidmi suction power Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner - 2700 Pa... This is a serious indicator for robotic vacuum cleaners,which are usually not high hopes. It will be enough not only to remove large, but also very small particles of debris and dust, which ordinary vacuum cleaners often miss. And for greater cleaning efficiency, a washing mechanism is used.

How does a robot vacuum cleaner work?

Thanks to lidar, the Roidmi vacuum cleaner always knows where he has cleaned up, and where not yet

It is very simple.There is a water container at the back of the vacuum cleaner, and a self-adhesive microfiber cloth on the sole. When Roidmi is removed, it first sucks in the dust, and then passes over it with a damp cloth. It turns out a full-fledged effect of wet cleaning. Thus, the vacuum cleaner can remove not only visible dirt, but also collect microscopic dust particles that the vacuum cleaner could not suck on itself.

The Roidmi vacuum cleaner can work in three cleaning modes:

  • Basic (low suction power and low noise)
  • Normal (higher suction, but higher noise)
  • Maximum (highest suction power and highest noise level)

The Roidmi vacuum cleaner first collects dust, and then passes over the cleaned with a damp cloth

For each scenario of use - its own mode.For carpets and rugs, the highest power will be required, and for cleaning in a bedroom where laminate or parquet is laid, the very minimum will be enough - just to sweep a little. If necessary, you can automate the switching of modes so that the vacuum cleaner changes them depending on the room into which it enters.

In a mixed cycle using Roidmi can work up to 250 minutes.In terms of the cleaning area, this is approximately 250 square meters. That is, the vacuum cleaner can clean not only in an apartment, the area of ​​which rarely exceeds 70-80 sq.m., but also in the whole cottage. True, he does not know how to climb stairs, overcoming only rapids up to 2 cm high. So your Roidmi will have to buy another partner on the second floor.

Setting up the robot vacuum cleaner

You can customize the operation of the vacuum cleaner as you need through a special application

Because the robot vacuum Roidmi - smart, it supports voice control withusing Alice, Google Assistant, or Siri. Here again, automation comes in very handy. You can set the necessary presets to the vacuum cleaner in advance and bind them to certain commands that will serve as a call to action for it. The vacuum cleaner allows you to:

  • Set the exact time of departure for cleaning;
  • Mark the boundaries of the premises in which you need to clean;
  • Clarify where to clean up especially carefully;
  • Limit the route by prohibiting travel to specific premises.

Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner Roidmi

A robot vacuum cleaner is not a toy, but a must have thing

Washing Robot Vacuum Cleaners in principle, they are quite expensive, especiallyso fancy technically. After all, it is not easy to train this little device to identify obstacles and map a room. It took Tesla engineers years of development. I'm not talking about vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning function... However, Roidmi is not going to rob you and, in honor of the 12.12 sale, offers to purchase its own vacuum cleaner for only 33 with a little more than a thousand rubles.

Buy vacuum cleaner Roidmi

It is known that many people are very afraid to order expensive goods on Aliexpress. But in the case of the Roidmi vacuum cleaner, this is not required. Today you can purchase this robot vacuum cleaner on the Ozone Internet site with free door-to-door deliverywill be carried out in a matter of days. And if you wish, you can not pay the entire cost of the goods at once, but divide it into 6 equal payments, which can be repaid within six months from the moment of placing the order.