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How to choose the right electric scooter. They won't tell you about it in the store.

Despite the fierce criticism of snobs, electric scooters remain one of the best views of the citytransport. Well, think for yourself: pedaling does not “clog” your legs, you yourself do not sweat from a high load, and the speed that kick scooters develop allows you to move comfortably even over quite impressive distances. However, in order not to be disappointed, you need to choose a decent scooter that will be reliable, durable and inexpensive at the same time. Fortunately, there are some on the market.

Navee N40 - inexpensive but good electric scooter

Perhaps the first thing you think about which electric scooter is better, the thought comes to mind that in this casecan't save. Therefore, many people prefer to overpay for a well-known brand, because they are sure that it will help them in some way. In fact this is not true. Even the ninbot has its own sores that can spoil the impression of the purchase. So, we need to approach this issue more responsibly.


  • 1 Which electric scooter is better
  • 2 Electric scooter with a long range
  • 3 electric scooter with big wheels
  • 4 Which electric scooter to buy for an adult

Which electric scooter is better

Perhaps the most important feature to look out for choosing an electric scooter, is the travel distance.Most inexpensive models have a weak battery that allows you to drive 10-15 or at best 20 kilometers. For the city, this seems to be enough. But, firstly, it must be borne in mind that the greater the weight of the rider, the less scooter rides. And, secondly, dragging it to the apartment for charging is still a pleasure. So it will only be better if it can be done less often.

The electric scooter must have a large range

Navee N40 in this sense is one of the bestmarket representatives. Thanks to a powerful battery, it can travel up to 40 kilometers on a single charge. This is an excellent result. And for those who travel very little (for example, to the metro and back), it will be good news that you can charge the scooter once a week or even less if your daily mileage does not exceed 7-10 kilometers.

Navee N40 is equipped with lithium 5A battery, which has a high level of reliability and is protected from temperature and voltage drops. And the application of technology BMS protects it from overheating, overcharging and other battery-specific problems inexpensive electric scooters.

Long range electric scooter

By itself, maximum power reserve achieved only if the weightrider does not exceed 50 kilograms, and the speed with which he moves does not exceed 15 km / h, provided that the movement is in calm weather. So, if your weight is significantly more, get ready for the fact that the scooter will travel less. However, even if it gives out 30 kilometers instead of 40, it is still more than most analogues for a higher price.

Ride comfort is the second important characteristic.

The maximum weight that the Navee N40 can pull, is 100 kilograms.However, unlike other manufacturers, who usually mean by the maximum load that the scooter is almost not capable of riding, the Navee N40 pulls 100 kg riders without any problems. The 350W brushless motor with automatic power adjustment has 3 speed modes: 5 km/h, 15 km/h and 25 km/h, which it can maintain in cruise control without requiring you to manually adjust.

Buy Navee N40

Basic mode when the scooter is moving withspeed of 5 km/h, corresponds to the speed of human movement. It is suitable for travel on transitional routes and places of mass congestion of people. Mode 15 km / h is suitable if there is no one around. For example, for driving through parking lots and yards. And it is recommended to develop the maximum speed only on public roads, subject to the rules of the road.

Electric scooter with big wheels

Thanks to IPX4 protection, the electric scooter can be left even in the rain

Navee engineers took care of rider comfort and did everything to make you feel really comfortable ride the N40:

  • He was supplied big wheels with a radius of 10 inches versus a maximum of 8 inches forother scooters. This has a positive effect on damping and significantly reduces the vibrations transmitted to the handlebar, which also has an increased length (50 cm) when driving on rough roads.
  • The deck, where the rider stands, has a length of 43 cm and a width of 15 cm. Thus, you can comfortably sit on it with your legs placed diagonally and not feel squeezed.
  • For trips at night, the N40 has led lantern, which will illuminate the road for you in the absence of external light sources, and will notify passers-by and other road users of your approach.
  • special folding design Navee N40 allows you to fold it, not just pulling the steeringrack to the footrest, but also turn it so that the handlebar itself does not stick out from the sides, and the scooter in the folded state takes up a minimum of space. If desired, you can even pick it up, because it weighs only 15.5 kg.
  • An LCD display is placed on the handlebar of the scooter, which displays up-to-date information about its condition: speed, remaining percentage of charge, mileage, operating mode, etc.

Which electric scooter to buy for an adult

For your safety in Navee N40 uses an advanced disc brake.It outperforms drum counterparts in terms of braking efficiency, stopping the scooter faster and requiring little maintenance. True, the open system contributes to the fact that various objects and debris can get inside. Therefore, before the trip, it is necessary to inspect the brakes and make sure that they are working.

Starting from August 22 Navee N40 can be bought at a discount

N40 is well protected from external influences. He is certified by IPX4 standard, which means that it will calmly withstand splashes of water and evenlight rain without any damage to yourself and your systems. So you can leave it outside overnight and not worry about its safety. The main thing is to buy a more reliable lock, because otherwise the device can be stolen.

Buy Navee N40

Navee N40 price on Aliexpress is only 34 thousand rubles.The promotional offer is valid from August 22. This is cheaper than the products of famous brands like Xiaomi and Ninebot. At the same time, in terms of performance and reliability, the Navee product is in no way inferior to them. So, this is exactly the case when it is absolutely not worth overpaying for brand recognition. Moreover, the first buyers Navee will donate a helmet or a headlamp.