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How to choose a secure browser?

Recently, the privacy issue inNetworks have become very widespread. Concerned about the safety of their users' data, developers from all over the world are testing more and more new ways of protecting and encrypting data, thereby improving the experience already gained. Large companies also participate in this - over there Apple has even released a series of commercials in which it talks about the importance of privacy. But aside from eulogies and marketing gimmicks, how to actually make your stay on the Internet as personal as possible?

A private browser should not just have a “Private Access” button, but something else

In theory, the answer to this question is simple: just use a secure messenger and a private browser. But if everything is more or less clear with the first one (the choice is usually between Telegram and WhatsApp), then finding a browser with privacy features is more difficult. More precisely, there are many such applications for both iOS and Android, but not all of them meet the declared functionality.

Users sometimes don’t even have a cluethat the data they provide is used by a third party collecting data about a potential customer. Data such as location, username, gender and date of birth, email address and even email password often fall into the hands of third-party services, sometimes even completely unfamiliar to the Internet user. This can be avoided using private browsers like Aloha Browser - they do not transmit user data to anyone, because they simply do not collect them, and there’s nothing to share.

Aloha Browser is fully dedicated to leveling upSecurity on the Web - it not only has a built-in ad blocker, but also allows you to protect the user from various trackers, bots and sites that use his location, or malicious / phishing pages. To do this, the browser has a separate section where you can study detailed statistics - how many times the trackers tried to track you, find out the location and much more. You will be surprised how much information a regular online store receives about you, even if you are not buying anything, but simply looking for a new phone or swimsuit for your vacation.

The statistics section is always in quick access.

If you wish, you can study more and more in detail - who tracks, who wants to "finish off" with advertising

In appearance, this is largely a normal browser - the address(it’s also a search) line, a tabbed bar, a lower navigation menu where you can access the main screen, downloads and open tabs. In the tabbed section, you can activate the private access mode - similar to Safari.

It looks like a familiar browser

But there are features that stand outapplication on the background of the rest. For example, a built-in VPN, accessible by pressing just one button (in the form of a shield, next to the address bar). At the same time, you can quickly change the country of VPN connection if you have a premium subscription; if not, there is free access to a regular VPN. By the way, not so long ago TOR support was added to the Aloha Browser - now you can visit .onion sites, just select the TOR server in the list of VPN servers.

You can access the VPN with just one click.

It is possible to choose a VPN server

The developers also responsibly approached the sectionwith downloads - there is a separate private folder on which you can put a password so that no one gets access to your files, even if somehow it takes over the device. It is also possible to set a password for secret tabs (which are undesirable for anyone but the owner to see).

You can even set a password on the download folder

All this comes in addition to other features -like background playback, built-in media player and a QR code scanner. Aloha Browser has a premium subscription that allows you to select a VPN country, provides support for ZIP archives and other functions. You can try it for free, and if this is not necessary, continue to use the browser in normal mode. Or buy it right away, because by February 14, developers are giving away premiums half the price.

This browser has advanced privacy settings.

And this is not some new browser - manyusers have been using this application for several years, even some authors in our editorial office. And not just because of advanced privacy features; among other things, it is an advanced browser with a huge set of functions, available on both iOS and Android.

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