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How to build an infectious diseases hospital for patients with CoVID-19 in the suburbs?

It seemed that recently the whole world was watchingthe unprecedented construction of hospitals for those infected with the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in China. Let me remind you that the first temporary hospital was erected in China in a record 10 days, and soon others followed. A few months later, the coronavirus spread throughout the planet and at the time of writing this article killed more than 47 thousand people. At the same time, the situation and methods of controlling the spread of CoVID-19 differ in different countries. So, in the United States, most cases are registered in New York, and recently a huge airliner arrived in the city to accommodate patients. In Russia, unlike European countries and the United States, CoVID-19 came later, and therefore the peak incidence is still to come. Since the main task today is to support the healthcare system, the construction of two infectious diseases hospitals was launched in the Moscow Region. They intend to build hospitals in 30 days.

This is how the large-scale construction of a new infectious diseases hospital in the Moscow Region looks like


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  • 3 How is the construction of a hospital in Moscow going?
  • 4 Where will the patients with coronavirus lie?

How many infected SARS-CoV-2 in Russia?

As of April 2, 2020 - according toaccording to Johns Hopkins University - in Russia more than 3,500 cases of infection with a new coronavirus have been registered. Most of the infected are in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the number of deaths has reached 30. Somewhat underestimated immediately after its appearance, CoVID-19 turned out to be dangerous for almost all age groups: at the very beginning of the epidemic, it was believed that people over 65 were at risk - which corresponds to the “classic picture” during the seasonal flu epidemic. However, today it became known that the new coronavirus is also dangerous for young people. As Interfax reports, in Moscow, 40% of patients with new coronavirus on mechanical ventilation machines younger than 40 years old. This is disturbing news. Like the news of the death of a 16-year-old Frenchwoman who had no health problems.

A construction that will not be frozen

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New Infectious Hospitals in Moscow

Given the seriousness of the situation withthe spread of CoVID-19, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin ordered the construction of new infectious diseases hospitals to begin urgently. Read about the quarantine measures introduced in Moscow and Moscow Region in the article by Renat Grishin. According to, construction began on March 12. According to the plan, a new infectious complex should be built in a month, and on May 24, the Moscow mayor said that the construction of the infectious center was completed by 40%.

“Bury the virus with the crown” is still the best slogan

How is the construction of a hospital in Moscow going?

New Infectious Centers Located in Trinityand Novomoskovsk administrative districts and are designed for several hundred patients. It is noteworthy that both hospitals will be erected according to a scheme similar to that used in Chinese Wuhan. But most of all I’m happy that after the epidemic the hospitals will continue their work, and according to the builders, the new center will be able to work successfully not less than 20 years.

Hospital complex will be built in New Moscownear the village of Golokhvastovo. An external perimeter of the fence will be erected around the building, and sewage will be discharged to autonomous treatment facilities that are equipped with disinfection systems. The infection center itself will consist of several buildings, which, depending on the purpose, will be built of prefabricated structures - for example, concrete blocks, multilayer panels and modular structures. According to Nezavisimaya Gazeta, more than two thousand workers and at least 1000 units of construction equipment were involved in the facility.

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Where will the patients with coronavirus lie?

The territory and size of the new hospital complex look impressive

The hospital has a capacity of 500 beds, of which 250 areresuscitation beds. The complex will consist of 12 buildings - a reception unit with a resuscitation unit for 223 beds (possibly expanding to 236), a treatment unit for 277 beds (possibly expanding to 423), as well as operating, diagnostic and pathological units. A bridge and a crematorium will also be built next to the new mobile complex. According to Moscow 24, infected patients will be accommodated in a double sanitary room with two separate gateways. Moreover, double chambers can be transformed into triple if necessary. According to Alexey Dobashin, general director of the contracting company, the complex also provides for the safety of medical personnel:

Doctors will enter through the double vestibule gateway. Until the front door closes, the intermediate door does not open. The key switch will be located outside. In the gap (between the two doors) there will be a special place where there will be a spray with a central supply of disinfecting compounds.

In general, new hospital complexesThey are designed for long-term work - at least 20 years, in contrast to temporary hospitals in Wuhan, which closed after the end of the epidemic. I, in turn, hope that the CoVID-19 epidemic in our country does not reach terrifying proportions, and quarantine measures and social distance will help save many lives. Be healthy.