How to build a space wormhole?

Everyone wants to learn how to travel throughspace and time. In order to do this, without spending thousands of years in a spaceship, we can look at the other end of the galaxy with the help of a wormhole or, as it is also called, a “wormhole”. However, there is one small difficulty: in order to create a wormhole, we can require a huge amount of energy. Where can I get it and is it possible to create a tunnel through space and time in general?

In order to build a tunnel through space and time, we may need a huge amount of energy

Is it possible to build a tunnel through space and time?

Before heading to interstellartraveling through the “mole hole”, you need to know that such a tunnel, characterized by bends in space-time, is so extreme that it can destroy you in a split second. Well, perhaps this is not the most positive news that you could hear today, especially if you have dreamed all your life to ride around the Universe in such an extravagant way.

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In order to confirm or denyA similarly accepted view of wormholes, the authors of an article published in ArXiv magazine found a way to build an almost stable “wormhole” that, although it is being gradually compressed, can transmit transmitted information and even things. In order to create such a universal transporter, we just need to find a pair of black holes and several infinitely long cosmic strings.

What is a wormhole?

The very first dreamer, and at the same time the creatorideas to build a bridge from one point in the universe to another, became the American theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler. It was Wheeler who came up with such a concept as the “wormhole”, which over time has passed into all the languages ​​of the world. In fact, the wormhole is a hypothetical feature in the canvas of space-time to connect two completely different areas in the Universe.

Basically, building a wormhole is pretty simple. According to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, the mass and energy of a hypothetical object strongly deform the structure of space-time, due to which the special configuration of matter and energy allows you to form a tunnel, a short path between two other distant parts of the universe.

The creation of a spatial tunnel could open up incredible opportunities for humans in the development of the universe

Unfortunately, even on paper wormholesare extremely unstable objects. Even one elementary particle (photon) passing through a wormhole causes a catastrophic cascade that breaks the wormhole apart. However, a certain dose of negative matter can counteract the destabilizing effects of regular matter trying to get through the wormhole, making it passable.

If matter with a negative charge is notexists, that is, another option for creating a wormhole. To do this, we just need to connect the black hole with the white hole. When these two strange objects combine, they form a completely new substance - a wormhole. There is only one problem in this ingenious plan - white holes do not exist.

Despite the possible existence of white holes, such an object currently exists only on paper by scientists

Since there are no white holes in nature, weneed a new plan. Fortunately, some smart mathematicians show a possible answer: such an object could be a charged black hole. In order to make an obedient and harmless teleport from a giant black monster, we just need to give it an electric charge. There may be a strange place inside the charged black hole, with a relatively stable level of singularity, which will allow us to form a bridge to another oppositely charged black hole.

In order for all this to work, we needmake sure that two charged black holes are at a safe distance from each other. In order to keep black holes at a certain distance, we can use cosmic strings, which are specific cracks in the fabric of space-time. These cracks formed at the very beginning of the formation of the Universe after the Big Bang, but, like many things in our world, still remain only hypothetical objects.

Despite the fact that cosmic strings remain hypothetical structures, scientists are already hoping to create “mole holes” with their help

If you pierce black holes like spacestring, then the voltage in the string can prevent the attraction of charged black holes to each other. In fact, such a grandiose cosmic performance may resemble a tug of war exercise. Having performed such a “simple” exercise, mankind will be able to obtain a mode of transport that is quite stable and relatively safe by cosmic standards.

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