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How to become a NASA astronaut to fly to the moon and Mars?

A large number of space expeditions,planned for the Moon and Mars, requires new volunteers who are not afraid of long space flights and whose health status will allow them to overcome millions of kilometers even when in a state of weightlessness. The search for astronauts takes place against the background of the organization of the Artemis program, which involves sending a man and woman to the moon. According to NASA experts, a detailed study of our natural satellite can prepare humanity for an even larger step - to send the first astronauts to Mars. So what needs to be done in order to get to the Red Planet?

Almost everyone can become a new NASA astronaut

How to get into NASA astronauts?

If you always wanted to see with your own eyesThe moon or Mars, your time has come: for the first time in several years, NASA began to accept applications from future candidates for astronauts of the world famous space agency. However, hurry up: novice explorers of the Moon and Mars should have time to submit a long-awaited application by March 31.

As practice shows, the call of a largethe number of astronauts happens just at the time when NASA is preparing to complete another grand mission. This time, the organization intends to carry out a new set due to the active preparation of a new mission called “Artemis”, which implies the return of astronauts to the moon after almost a fifty-year break.

In order for your application to astronauts to beapproved, you will need to undergo a rigorous selection process that defines a number of important qualities for the successful completion of the mission, as well as being able to get around other competitors. So, during the selection in 2015, a record number of applications for astronauts was registered - 18,300, but after almost two years of intensive training, only 11 astronauts were able to finish their studies at NASA.

The Artemis mission will deliver to the moon two astronauts - a man and a woman

Although becoming an astronaut may seem likefor someone rather challenging, Steve Kerner, director of flight operations at NASA, believes that a true enthusiast can do anything. Those who apply will most likely compete with thousands who have dreamed and worked on flying into space for as long as they can remember. However, among all applicants, preference will be given to those who really will be ready to carry out complex missions for space exploration.

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As you might have guessed, the mostthe preferred candidates for space travel will be those whose professional skills can help in the event of an emergency. The main requirements in this case will include a master's degree in areas related to engineering, biological, physical, mathematical and computer sciences, the possession of which can be proved by a diploma obtained in an accredited institution. The requirement for a master’s degree can also be satisfied by having a completed MD degree.

The completion of the selection of astronauts is scheduled for June2021, and the entire designated period of time, candidates will have to go to school at NASA, while at the same time improving their physical fitness for a long space flight. After completing the training, new astronauts will go to the ISS, where they will be able to take part in experiments aimed at preparing for the flight to the moon and Mars.

Before you dream about space flights,I recommend that you read an article about the strange rules of astronauts, which they must adhere to. Do you know that in space you won’t feel whether you want to use the toilet or not? Therefore, astronauts are required to wear diapers.

It is known that after returning to the moon in 2024year, NASA plans to send astronauts to the satellite surface once a year using the Orion spacecraft. After creating a permanently inhabited base on the moon, scientists hope to establish a round-the-clock regime for exploring the moon by 2028. The experience gained from this mission will prepare NASA for sending the first humans to Mars in the mid-2030s.

The third decade of the 21st century promises to begrandiose on space discoveries. While NASA is preparing to send the Artemis mission to the moon, the famous James Webb telescope, which will open the curtain of secrets from distant exoplanets, is preparing to launch. You can read about the work of the orbital telescope of the future in this article.