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How to become a Data Science Specialist?

In quarantine, many began to master newprofession. Most offline businesses are unlikely to survive a pandemic, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that people have become actively interested in programming, machine learning and other specialties that will not only be most in demand in the next few years, but also involve working online from anywhere in the world. . For example, the number of vacancies in the Data Scientist profession has grown more than 4 times in 3 years! Now such specialists are in the greatest demand in the labor market, because they work in various fields.

Self-isolation - it's time to learn new professions

Who is a Data Scientist

This profession covers many areas. See how cleverly your phone recognizes your face and unlocks in a split second? Data Scientists have worked here. Using smart assistants or voice typing? Same. Even when you pass the test for “humanity” (proving that you are not some kind of robot), the Data Science wizards again stand behind it.

Data specialists are not only in demand, but also make good money

The easiest way to disassemble the work of such specialistson the example of familiar to all neural networks. Each “fed” megabyte of data is used for further training of the neural network. It is Data Scientists who are engaged in machine and deep learning of neural networks using mathematics and statistics, develop and use various Machine Learning models.

For example, a neural network has been trained withusing enough examples. Everything is cool, but now she is ready to process a new data set. For the correct compilation of a data set, you need to understand them, for which Data Science specialists are needed.

How to work in Data Science

What is the plus of this profession over the restonline specialties - you do not need to be a programmer from God or have a degree in computer science. The best Data Scientists gain their skills by constantly working with models and data sets, solving specific problems. Of course, the brain should still work in the right direction, and special courses are designed to help with this, which allow you to learn the profession of Data Science from scratch.

For example, in the SkillFactory online data schoolThe Data Scientist Profession course has recently opened with an updated, more advanced program. The teaching staff is quite strong - experts from data from Yandex, NVIDIA and EORA will help you in teaching. The latter implements IT solutions for business using artificial intelligence. But the main thing is that an online school doesn’t just make you read textbooks and cram theory, you can do it yourself. It also gives practical knowledge, as well as a base, algorithms, new paradigms of thinking. Not to mention that you become part of a community of classmates and teachers (almost like in Oxford or Moscow State University).

The main feature is that in SkillFactory youthey’re not just left to their own devices to watch video lessons and do assignments. Students receive a personal approach, in which teachers monitor progress and stay connected throughout the course. Plus, you can always get personal advice from a mentor and get feedback on the work done.

This is only part of an exciting course program.

What does the course consist of? Step by step, you will gain the skills that are essential for a Data Scientist: learn to program in Python (and also learn Pandas to analyze data), learn how to work with machine and in-depth training and neural networks. Not to mention eternal things like math, statistics, and Data Engineering blocks. It is such skills that are now valued in the market. Few people need an employee who knows only the theory, so here the training is focused on practice.

As a result of training, you will receive a new profession andYou can not be afraid of the recurrence of such crises, as now (and they will surely be). IT corporations are doing well at such times, and data experts are always needed, especially when millions of people are sitting at home and using Internet services.

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