How to bake the bread that the Egyptian pharaohs ate?

Can you name the most unusual food now,Have you ever had to eat? Perhaps this is some exotic dish that you tasted while traveling to another country, or something similar to a sausage with locust shells, which can soon be tasted in Russia. You can travel anywhere, but you are unlikely to be able to taste the sweet, porous bread that the Egyptian pharaohs ate thousands of years ago. Nevertheless, one person on the planet was able to taste such a delicacy - he prepared the ancient bread himself using 4500-year-old yeast.

Egyptian yeast samples were taken from the wallsancient vessels that were used by the Egyptians to make bread and beer. Yes, bakery products and a popular alcoholic drink existed already during the reign of the pharaohs. It is believed that yeast (microscopic fungi causing fermentation) began to be used to make beer 13,000 years ago. The first bread at all appeared about 14.4 thousand years ago, but scientists do not know for sure whether it was yeast or still fresh.

Egyptian Pharaohs Bread Recipe

A man named seamus blackley who isa popular game developer, he received samples of ancient yeast thanks to his friendship with Egyptologists Serena Love and Richard Bowman. Scientists collected yeast from the walls of ancient vessels to study their reproduction and determine the exact age, but did not stint and shared some of the yeast with their friend.

Two weeks ago, with the help of Egyptologist@drserenalove and Microbiologist @ rbowman1234, I went to Boston’s MFA and @ Harvard’s @peabodymuseum to attempt collecting 4,500 year old yeast from Ancient Egyptian pottery. Today, I baked with some of it ...

- Seamus Blackley (@SeamusBlackley) August 5, 2019

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Bringing liquid yeast samples home tosealed containers, the man carefully mixed them with freshly ground barley and wheat flour. In order to prevent modern microbes from getting into the composition of the future starter culture, an amateur culinary specialist used only sterilized dishes. After a week of fermentation, he received a sourdough ready for baking bread. The man shared that the smell is very different from the mixtures obtained using modern yeast.

So the man made the leaven of future bread

You need to be careful with ancient products: Egyptian cheese can even kill

Unfortunately, the man could not bake bread, inobserving the technology of the ancient Egyptians with precision. Instead of clay pots and a stone stove, he used ordinary baking sheets and a stove. At the top of an ancient delicacy, he drew a hieroglyph meaning the word "bread." Externally, the culinary product did not stand out with something unusual, but the taste, according to Seamus Blackley, was amazing.

Ancient Egyptian bread, before being sent to the oven

What did they eat in ancient Egypt?

According to him, ancient Egyptian bread hasa richer and sweeter taste than the one we buy in stores. The cavities inside the bread indicate that the samples used by the man really contained yeast and friends did not deceive him. Although the amateur culinary did not follow all the rules of ancient Egyptian cuisine, the bread still turned out to be extremely unusual, unlike other varieties.

The bread turned out to be porous - it looks delicious!

We can only take the man’s word,because it is unlikely that anyone has Egyptologist friends who are ready to donate yeast for the manufacture of ancient Egyptian bread. But in the future we will still be able to try food that the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt could not even think of. Indeed, they would all faint if they saw chicken made from peas.

Well, let's return to the question from the beginning of the article - what was the most unusual thing you have ever had in your life? You can leave your answer in the comments, or in our Telegram chat.