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How the use of robots in factories is ruining people's lives

Very common among factory workersindustrial injuries - sometimes they are so serious that people lose limbs. To prevent such cases, speed up work and save money, some companies are replacing real people with robots. Recently, scientists studied the statistics and found that after the introduction of robots, injuries in factories actually decreased. In addition, machines cope with tasks much faster than people, and at the same time they do not get tired. It would seem that everything is just fine - technological progress pleases and people can at least forget about manual labor a little. However, against the backdrop of a decrease in the number of injuries, the frequency of deaths from alcoholism and mental problems is increasing markedly. Something terrible is going on, don't you think?

Robots seem to do more harm than good to humans.

What companies use robots?

The number of companies that useproduction robots for production automation, it is impossible to name - there are a lot of them. Today, technology is so accessible that even relatively small companies can afford a small machine to perform any task.

Today, robots are used very often, especially in the production of cars.

Do not count the number of manufacturersindustrial robots. One of the companies that does this is the American Amp Robotics. Recently, the authors of the IEEE Spectrum publication talked about the fact that it is developing hardware and software for sorting recyclables. By focusing on the shape, color and marks on the trash, the company's robots will be able to separate plastic from glass and other materials. At the moment, people are doing this, but in the future this task will most likely be shifted to machines. And they will do a much better job than humans.

Amp Robotics robot sorts trash better than humans

The development of a production robot alsothe well-known Tesla company is engaged in everything. In 2021, Elon Musk held an "AI Day" and announced the imminent presentation of the Tesla Bot humanoid robot, which will be able to lift weights and perform a number of other tasks without harming real people - it will be too weak to start an uprising of machines. At the beginning of this year, the Tesla robot got its own name Optimus - you can find out more about it here. It is assumed that the presentation of the Tesla robot will take place on September 30, the next “Artificial Intelligence Day”.

Approximate appearance of the robot Tesla Optimus

Another group of scientists recently spoke about the negative impact of industrial robots on people's lives. Here's what they say.

Is production automation necessary?

So, there are plenty of production robots in the world and they are in demand - after the release of the Tesla version, their popularity may increase even more. But how much do we need them?

Recently, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh studiedoccupational injury statistics; and reports on the mental health of the population. In particular, they were interested in how much factory automation has affected the lives of factory workers. The results were mixed.

Industrial robots are bad for people's quality of life

The good news is that thanks torobots, the number of accidents in factories has decreased. Thanks to the introduction of production machines, the annual injury rate has decreased by 1.2 cases per 100 workers. At the moment, in many companies, robots perform heavy and hazardous work instead of real workers. But do they need it?

The use of robots has reduced the number of work injuries

After all, the bad news is that afterthe appearance of robots in factories, people began to drink more often and even use illegal substances. Thus, after the introduction of automatic machines, the annual death rate from alcohol and drugs increased by 37.8 cases per 100,000 people. Statistics also show that workers began to suffer from mental problems and even take their own lives.

Statistics show that due to the mass nature of robots, people can become addicted to alcohol.

There is a big problem - robots are excellentcope with the work of people, and people now do not have enough work. And without labor, men and women cannot feed their families, which is fraught with a mountain of other problems and experiences. The fact that robots will take away jobs from people, some experts began to worry for a long time. The only reassuring words were that the released people would be able to undergo retraining and take up easier and at the same time highly paid work, such as setting up these robots. But the statistics hint that this is not happening.

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A very sad picture is emerging, andat the moment it is not clear what to do and who will deal with this problem. And what do you think about this? Write in the comments or our secluded place for communication.