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How Tesla Model S was turned into a "spaceship"

Probably talking about the courage of Tesla and herthe creators in the title of this article is a little strange. It turns out “butter oil”, since the car itself is the result of the brave actions of the founder of the company, Elon Musk. Once upon a time, he had the determination to do almost from scratch what the world automakers with bottomless budgets did not dare to do. As a result, first the concept, then the first production cars, expansion of the model range, sales records and regular technical improvements. Now another update of the most famous Tesla model has come out with the name Model S. It not only brought another improvement in technical and driving characteristics, but also breathed new life into the rather ascetic interior of the car (except for the huge screen). Something tells me that the designers drew inspiration from another project by Elon Musk. Perhaps you will agree with me.

This is our future.


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    • 1.1 What a Tesla Model S looks like
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    • 1.3 Top Speed ​​and Acceleration Tesla Model S 2021
    • 1.4 Tesla Model S Computer

What's new in Tesla Model S

Just imagine that Tesla has now become not just a rather expensive and technically very cool car, but also a game console... Long-awaited Model S update presentednow offers increased mileage, improved acceleration (it turns out, it can be improved even more), a futuristic interior design, a fresh exterior and a computer with just crazy performance. Now about everything in order.

What a Tesla Model S looks like

Since its launch in 2012, the Tesla ModelS has undergone only minor improvements. Its appearance became more modern and stylish, but by and large it remained the same at the core. form style, which was moderately classic, but emphasized the character of the car.

New-old Tesla Model S

We were not offered anything fundamentally new this time either. Improvements are still on duty, but appearance freshened up and became a little more dynamic. Correctly! Don't break what works.

The biggest changes were made to the "internaldecoration ”. Of course, no one added an aquadiskotheque to the salon, but it has become very futuristic. It seems to me that the designers were inspired by the cockpit design of SpaceX's Crew Dragon comic ships, which have already delivered people to the ISS.

What will Tesla do in 2021?

A place large vertical display occupied a horizontal, and under it were twostandard tray for wireless charging of smartphones. There is also a large display in front of the steering wheel to display the most necessary information. But most of all, the steering wheel itself has changed.

This way you can charge two smartphones with wireless charging.

Tesla Model S steering wheel

It is now U-shaped.Something similar has already been seen in some car models. In particular, such experiments can be found in models of classic American muscle cars produced in the 80s of the last century. Now a similar steering wheel can be found in the salon McLaren P1 GTR version... However, there it is still cut not so extreme and with a stretch it can even be considered round.

This is what the McLaren P1 GTR steering wheel looks like. But this car is made for the track.

Tesla offers such an unusual steering wheel thatin some countries, problems may arise with it, since the use of such solutions is prohibited in them. Most likely, the car will either not be delivered to these countries at all, or the steering wheel will be replaced with a regular one.

How much a Tesla owner will have to spend in the first 160,000 kilometers.

As for convenience U-bar, as an experienced driver and motorsport enthusiast with some experience in this field, I can say that i would not want turn such a "steering wheel" every day.On the track or during active driving, it can be convenient, but when you drive several hundred kilometers on the highway or stand in a traffic jam, the round classic is much more practical. That is why such steering wheels are used mainly in motorsport (and even then not in every form), where the steering wheel must be turned a lot, often at relatively small angles.

Looks cool, but is it comfortable?

It is clear that a lot of emphasis in Tesla cars is placed on autopilot and such a steering wheel is suitable for this task, but for simple driving, the classic is still better.

Tesla Model S 2021 top speed and acceleration

It is impressive that not only gasoline monsters can now accelerate to 320 kilometers per hour. Although, some of them can cross over 500 kilometers per hour. Tesla Model S in Plaid and Plaid + versions capable of speeds of 320 kilometers per hour (200 mph), but only on special tires. Elon Musk noted this separately in his tweet.

All is said

Tesla Model S Long Range version has a power reserve of 660 kilometers on a single charge. Plaid version drives a little less, but accelerates up to 100 kilometers per hour in 1.99 seconds... And the top version Plaid + has the same overclocking, but its mileage increased to 830 kilometers per hour.

This car can accelerate to 532 km / h, and you have not even heard of it

Our Mikhail Korolev lives in Spain and isthe owner of Tesla Model 3, which he often talks about on his Instagram and TikTok. For example, did you know that Tesla comes with special wheel caps that don't look very stylish, but provide several additional tens of kilometers on a single charge? I do not, and only learned it from him.

The back row of car seats should also be comfortable.

Tesla Model S Computer

If you cannot find on sale PS5 or Xbox Series Xhow about an electric sportscar for $ 80,000 with comparable performance? Tesla Model S can now compete with next-generation gaming consoles thanks to its 10 teraflops computer.

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Assuming it refers toGPU performance and Tesla is not exaggerating much, such a solution can really compete with the new PS5 or Xbox Series X, which offer 10.28 teraflops and 12 teraflops GPU power respectively. However, performance isn't just about conditional teraflops.

Which of these two screens can you play on?

It is not yet clear how this will work. We only know that, according to Tesla itself, the machine will even allow The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Will games run on the main17 "display with 2200 x 1300 pixels or only 8" second row display (or both)? How to connect a controller and which ones will be supported? Who makes the video chips for the system? How do I install games? And finally, is it just fun to show that Tesla can do it, or should it really push the owner of a $ 80,000 car to buy? There are more questions than answers ...

Games have been in Tesla before, but if they are now reaching such a new level, then this situation is at least interesting.