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How Tesla is making cars faster and cheaper?

Car manufacturers from their early daysexistence is trying to make the assembly process take as little time and money as possible. And this is logical, because in this way they can produce more cars in a short time and sell them for an attractive price. Tesla, which has long been striving to release an electric car for $ 25,000, is making significant progress in this regard. To speed up and reduce the cost of car production, it uses Giga Press technology from 2020. This is the name of a series of die casting machines for aluminum, with which it is possible to form a large part of the body from one piece of metal. You don't need to weld anything, and so on: they took the metal, put it under the press and that's it - a part of the car is already ready. For the first time this technology was used in the production of the Tesla Model Y crossover. Now it became known that the same press will be used in the production of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup.

Perhaps the production of Tesla Cybertruck will go quickly and cost less

What is Tesla Cybertruck?

The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup waspresented to the public in November 2019. At the moment, the owners of this car are very few - the company has already opened a pre-order for a long time, but mass production has not yet begun. It was reported that the car will be released in several modifications and have up to 3 electric motors. One battery charge should be enough to cover up to 800 kilometers. The most powerful modification can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.9 seconds. Tesla Cybertruck costs 70 thousand dollars.

Shot from the presentation of Tesla Cybertruck

You can learn more about the features of the Tesla Cybertruckread the announcement. Also on our site there is an excellent selection of Tesla pickup analogues. Be sure to read it, but for now, let's talk about how the company will make car manufacturing fast and cheap.

What is Giga Press?

Giga Press is a machine that squeezes a piecealuminum in such a way that you end up with a solid part of the machine. And we are not talking about tiny parts, but whole parts of the car body. With a standard assembly, employees of factories have to join together 70 parts. And with the help of Giga Press, the company launches just one task and that's it - a huge part of the car is already ready. This approach not only speeds up the production of equipment and reduces its cost. Casting solid body parts makes cars more durable. Welds may come apart and bolts may come loose. And this will not happen with a solid piece of metal.

Giga Press Machine

In 2020, Tesla's California plant in the cityFremont was equipped with the first Giga Press. At the moment, there are already two such machines, and there is also one at a plant in Chinese Shanghai. The Italian company Idra is engaged in the production of this equipment, each machine weighs about 6,000 tons. It is known that the machines installed at the factories turned out to be so huge that an additional shed had to be built over them to protect from the sun and rain.

Idra representative talks about ordering 8000 ton Giga Press

Will buying a Giga Press affectthe cost of pickups Cybertruck is not yet clear. But that's definitely good news, because the car is clearly going to be solid. Two days after the presentation, the company received 146 thousand orders for the pickup, but deliveries have not yet begun. It was expected that the first owners will receive their cars in 2021, but relatively recently, Elon Musk made it clear that deliveries should not be expected earlier than 2022. But it is known that work on the design of the pickup has already been completed.

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Above, I noted that the owners of Tesla Cybertruckvery little. Perhaps so far only Elon Musk has it. One day, an entrepreneur drove a pickup truck to a wealthy restaurant with his friends. You can learn more about this case and watch the video at this link.