How Qualcomm's new 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2 sub-screen fingerprint sensors will work

The flagship smartphones are currentlyuses Qualcomm 3D Sonic ultrasonic sensors to provide fast and reliable fingerprint scanning on the display. The sensors are capable of recognizing fingerprints even from wet fingers. Further development of the technology has allowed Qualcomm to introduce a new version of the under-screen fingerprint sensor under the brand name 3D Sonic Sensor Generation 2.

The second generation of 3D Sonic Sensors comes outto the market with an 8x8mm (64 sqmm) sensor, 77% more than the first Gen 1 generation, which measures 4x9mm (36 sqmm surface area).

Increasing the touch area will allow the sensorreceive 1.7 times more information about biometric data. As a result of using the new technology, unlocking your smartphone will be 50% faster than using the first generation sensors found in models such as Samsung Galaxy S10, Note10, S20 and Note20.

Already at the beginning of 2021, the market will receivesmartphones with new ultrasonic sub-screen sensors 3D Sonic Sensor Generation 2. Presumably the sensors will be installed in Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones.

Source: qualcomm