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How purified sand can save people from obesity

The ideals of human beauty are constantly changing.During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, fat people were considered beautiful - a large body indicated that a person was well fed and completely healthy. In the modern world, a slender body with pumped up muscles and a “fifth point” is considered the standard of beauty. Due to the abundance of food stuffed with fats and sugar, many people are overweight, and this not only makes them less attractive in the eyes of others, but also adds problems - fullness is no longer a sign of health. People try to lose weight with sports exercises and all kinds of diets, but sometimes they do not achieve results due to the wrong approach and loss of motivation. Therefore, scientists are developing technologies that can help people cope with excess weight without much effort. Recently it was found that you can lose weight by eating sand. Sounds like something crazy, so let's find out the details.

How can sand help you lose weight? Let's find out!

IMPORTANT! In no case should you try to lose weight by trying to eat sand. At the moment, scientists are only studying this method - perhaps this is a deadly undertaking!

Why eat sand for weight loss

According to Science Alert, scientists haveguessed that the sand can help people lose weight. Some people claimed that by drinking purified sand they lost extra pounds. It seemed like nonsense, but recently Australian scientists were able to prove it in a scientific experiment.

To do this, they created a model of the gastrointestinalhuman tract, which could mimic the digestion of foods high in fat and carbohydrates. Food was digested for half an hour in the stomach, and then for about an hour in the intestines. Most of all, scientists were interested in how fats and sugars are absorbed under various conditions - they are most involved in gaining excess weight.

Sorry, photos of the model of the digestive system could not be found.

Modern technologies for weight loss workso that the body absorbs as little of these substances as possible. The scientists wanted to test whether sand with tiny pores could actually restrict digestion by absorbing fats and carbohydrates into itself. If this is true, people could eat tasty food, and then take sand so that the food eaten does not spoil their figure.

It goes without saying that we are talking about well-cleaned sand - silica. It is commonly used in the manufacture of glass and ceramics. It seems that in the future it will become a means for losing weight.

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How Sand Helps You Lose Weight

As part of the experiment, the scientists placedartificial digestion food with a lot of calories. After that, silica with different hole diameters got into the model. As it turned out, sand particles are really able to influence the digestion process and absorb fat, starch, sugar, and so on. Silica particles with pores 6 to 10 nanometers in diameter have proven to be particularly effective.

This is what ordinary sand looks like under a microscope. Purified silica was used in the experiment

Scientists do not exclude that the purified sand canpromote weight loss in other ways. But there is no evidence of this at the moment, so they want to conduct new studies. Most likely, animal testing will be the next step. And then it can come down to people.

Lab mice can "sweat fat". This is the easiest way to lose weight

weird ways to lose weight

When scientists find answers to their questions, inThe world can become one more way to lose weight. What it will look like in the end is not clear - perhaps pharmacists will create medicines with the addition of silica. After eating, people will be able to drink them and the sand will absorb everything that adds extra pounds. At the same time, it will be possible to eat anything, satisfy your voice and at the same time not get fat.

Perhaps in the future, silica will be packaged in capsules.

In addition to diets and exercise, there aremany other ways to lose weight. Some of them look strange and even their descriptions can cause very unpleasant sensations. For example, people who are severely obese can undergo gastric banding - during this operation, with the help of a special ring, the stomach is divided into two parts, due to which people eat less and lose weight. This method is intended only for use in particularly severe cases.

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