How old is your pet by the standards of human life?

My dad is sure if our three year old catwas a man, he could already buy alcohol in any country in the world - because by human standards he was already 21 years old. Those who have pets know how much we love to ascribe human traits to them. We want our four-legged friends to live as long as possible and are ready to do a lot for this. But how to determine the real age of a cat or dog? After all, knowing the real age of the animal, you can take measures for his long and happy life. And why is it considered that one year of the life of a dog or cat equals seven human?

Have you congratulated your cat on his birthday?

How many cats and dogs live?

Let's start with how much our four-legged livefriends. According to veterinarians, the life expectancy of cats and dogs depends in part on the breed and size. Thus, the aging of cats and dogs differs not only from human aging, but also from each other. As a rule, larger animals have a shorter lifespan. So, the life span of a dachshund and a German shepherd are two different things.

Veterinarians agree that the breed of dogand its size is critical to life expectancy. At the same time, the nutrition and weight of animals are also important factors. But cats, as you know, are not very different from each other in size, so the most important aspect of their healthy and long life will be mainly sterilization, nutrition and the environment.

On average, the life span of a catis 10-16 years old, and dogs, depending on the breed and size, live from 10 to 13 years. By the way, even more articles about scientific discoveries about pets can be found on our channel in Yandex.Zen.

Experts believe that the age of pets should be calculated in stages

We wrote more than once that the durationhuman life has increased significantly. This was facilitated by a large number of factors - from the development of medicine, to access to food, living conditions and general scientific and technological progress. Agree, all this also applies to pets. Proper care, proper nutrition, sterilization along with vaccination can provide your pet a long and happy life.

Is seven years of a dog's life a year for a person?

So, we found out that the durationThe life of cats and dogs, on average, is 13-15 years. But where did the myth that seven years of conditional Barsik's life equals one year of human life come from? In fact, this assumption is not so unfounded. The fact is that with proper care for the health of the animal, a medium-sized dog will live on average one seventh longer than its owner. People, of course, noticed this. So the myth was born that seven “years of a dog’s life” is equal to the year of human life.

Of course, this rule is a myth and very much everythingsimplifies. However, today veterinarians are able to provide assistance to animals better than even 10 years ago. In addition, a better methodology is used today to determine the age of animals than a year of human life is equal to seven years of animal life.

Proper care is the only way to extend the life of your furry friend.

Today, experts advise determining ageanimals according to the main stages of their life. So, modern veterinarians divide dogs into six categories: puppies, younger, adults, mature, elderly and geriatric. The fact is that life stages are a more practical way to think about age; think for yourself - after all, even recommendations for caring for human health are based on certain stages of development, and not on how many recently hit you.

How to find out the exact age of the pet?

And yet, experts advise to know whenit’s your cat or dog’s birthday. The fact is that recommendations for caring for an adult cat will differ from recommendations for caring for a cat aged. In other words, everything is just like in people: the general state of your pet’s health affects its “real age” for better or worse.

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So the next time you go withyour four-legged friend to the vet, discuss with the doctor what recommendations for health and animal care he can give. And do not forget that timely sterilization, vaccination, proper nutrition and lack of stress can help your furry friend live a long and happy life.