How not to say goodbye to your favorite gadget forever?

Every day in Russia, attackers steal thousandssmartphones. However, it is obvious that this figure must be multiplied by at least five more, since most victims do not go to the police. According to statistics, phone theft is one of the most common criminal offenses. Thieves are especially often used in crowded places where you can quietly pull the gadget out of the owner’s pocket or bag.

If this happened to you - actimmediately and do not give in to emotions, there is a possibility that you will be able to return your favorite smartphone. The specialists of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo tell what steps should be taken so that you do not part with your smartphone and data, including personal data, forever.

For criminals use stolenInformation becomes as attractive as the marketing of the device itself. A thief can gain access to your personal information, so it must be reliably protected. How to do it? Recommendations are given by Anton Kukanov, head of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo:

1. Check if you have activated the ability to remotely lock your smartphone. With it, you can block the access of attackers to data on the device and even erase them.
2.Always use a complex pin code or biometric input. Even if your phone is stolen, the thief will have to make an effort to “crack” the lock and gain access to the contents of the smartphone.
3. Back up your data regularly or set it to run automatically once a week. So in any case, you will save valuable data, even if you lose your device.
four.For the same reason, store photos, videos, and documents in the cloud, not on your device. In this case, without prejudice to important files, you can remotely erase everything from the device, while the data itself will be saved.
5.Find the IMEI settings and the serial number of your device and write them down - numbers can come in handy in case of theft of the device. 15 IMEI digits can be found on the packaging and in the warranty card or by typing * # 06 #. You can see the serial number on the packaging or in the device information (in the settings).

What to do if your smartphone is already stolen?
1. Call your number from another phone - you may have left your smartphone somewhere, they will notice it and answer you.
2.If there is no answer, track the location of the smartphone using the Find My Phone feature. If you have Android, go to and log in to your Google Account. Next - select the desired device and mark it as lost, after which a notification will come to it, and information on where the device is located will appear on the map. On iOS, everything is just as simple: go to the Latitude app (iOS 13 and later) / Find iPhone (iOS 12 and later) or go to the website and track the device. Do not forget that the service shows only the approximate location of the smartphone.
3.If it’s critical for you that unauthorized people cannot access the data on your device, erase all the information remotely. This can be done in the same service where you tracked the device. If you take this step, it will not be possible to locate the device using the Find My iPhone feature. If, after erasing data from the device, you delete it from the account, the activation lock function will turn off. After that, an outsider will be able to use your device.
four.Contact your service provider in order to block the SIM card that is left in the phone. If this is not done right away, the thief will be able to use quick transfers from SMS and withdraw funds from your account.
5. Block bank cards that are tied to a lost device. Contact the employees of the bank in which you are discussing and let them know that your mobile phone has been stolen.
6. Check your accounts from other devices for login attempts. Use the function of termination of sessions on all devices - this way you will avoid the risk of losing your accounts.
7.Contact the police department at the place of theft and write a statement. Be sure to get information about the date of receipt of the application and the number under which it is registered. In the statement, indicate the IMEI and serial number of the device.

Some insurance companies for a certainfee ready to compensate for damage from the theft of the phone. For this, upon the occurrence of an insured event, it is necessary to provide documents confirming the appeal to the police, as well as, if necessary, a decision to institute criminal proceedings. If the decision is positive, the victim will be paid insurance compensation.

In a world where people spend impressive amounts onnew smartphones, despite their sometimes modest incomes, for some, the loss of an expensive gadget can be a real tragedy. However, it is worth remembering that the theft of the smartphone does not end the trouble - later you can get a huge trail of problems - lose money, face a leak of data and personal information that could damage your reputation. The main recommendation given by the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo is not to concentrate all your life in one device, otherwise all your secrets may “leak” along with your “best friend”.

Source: Press Release Roskachestvo