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How much money do smokers spend on cigarettes?

Did you know people started smoking the leavestobacco around 4000 BC? The Indians who lived in America were the first to think of this - in addition to smoking, they chewed the plant and even injected it into the body with an enema. Apparently, they really liked the effect of nicotine, which is a slight euphoria. The culture of tobacco smoking came to Europe with Christopher Columbus, and after that it spread throughout the world. According to 2016 data, the leaders in smoking in the world are China, Indonesia, Russia, the USA and Japan. The fact that this bad habit negatively affects health, increasing the risk of developing dangerous diseases, and there is nothing to say - they say it everywhere. Many people really want to quit smoking, but addiction to nicotine does not allow them to do so. But giving up this habit, most likely, can help save a lot of money. But is it really so? Let's figure it out.

How much does smoking cost people a year? Let's find out

IMPORTANT: Smoking is life-threatening, we do not support this in any way!


  • 1 How much money does smoking cost?
  • 2 How much money does vaping cost?
  • 3 Can you save on smoking?
  • 4 Benefits of quitting smoking

How much money does smoking take?

About ten years ago, a pack of cigarettes couldwas to buy for 50 rubles. But today, even the cheapest packs cost about 150 rubles, while more expensive cigarettes can cost 300 rubles or more. As a rule, there are 20 cigarettes in one pack - this is the minimum that is determined by the law of many countries. If we assume that a person smokes 10 pieces a day, one pack is enough for two days. A smoker needs at least 3.5 packs of cigarettes per week, that is, about 500 rubles a week is spent on a bad habit. Considering that people also regularly buy lighters, up to 30,000 rubles can be spent per year.

Smoking is not a health hazard, but also a big expense

How much money does vaping cost?

Today, many people prefer to buyelectronic cigarettes - it is believed that due to the lack of tar and other impurities, this is not such a bad habit. If you look for the cost of POD systems for storing and evaporating liquids with nicotine, we get the result - on average they cost about 2,000 rubles. From time to time, they need to change the liquid and cartridges, the average cost of each of which is 500 rubles. They say that one bottle of vape liquid is enough for about two weeks (two bottles for 1,000 rubles), and the cartridge needs to be changed once every 30 days (500 rubles), which makes about 1,500 rubles a month. This is about 18,000 rubles per year, but it all depends on the frequency of smoking and the cost of consumables.

Vaping also requires a fairly large investment.


Can you save on smoking?

If a person quit smoking, he certainly cansave money. There are many calculators on the Internet for smokers that clearly show the benefits of quitting cigarettes. For example, this service showed me that giving up 10 cigarettes a day allows you to buy 500 kilograms of fruit, regularly visit the gym and go on vacation. In fairness, it is worth noting that today, giving up a bad habit is unlikely to provide so much food and rest - the prices of goods, and especially travel, are rising.

Quitting smoking may not make a person a millionaire, but it will definitely save money

Benefits of quitting smoking

But let's face it, whatcan a person give up cravings for nicotine for some 30,000 rubles? I consider the amount of free time to be a much greater motivation, because it takes people 5-10 minutes to smoke one break, and if you stop smoking, you can free up at least an hour of time for more important things. In addition, giving up a bad habit can significantly increase productivity - due to the regular desire to smoke, a person becomes more absent-minded and irritable.

There are many benefits to quitting smoking

And the fact that smoking cessation significantly reducesthe risk of developing dangerous diseases, and there is nothing to say, because you yourself understand this very well. At a minimum, giving up a bad habit can significantly save on doctors. The maximum that this gives is an increase in life expectancy.

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