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How much food do people throw away?

What do you do on the way home from work? Most likely, many of us will definitely go to the store and buy food for the next couple of days. Due to starvation at the end of the working day, it is common for people to buy more food than is required, as a result of which food that is not eaten is thrown out despite the expiration date. In 2005, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported that a third of all human-made food is in the landfill. However, the organization’s study did not take into account the characteristics of human metabolism and there was no data on the amount of wasted food in relation to individual states, so the scientists decided to conduct a more thorough scientific work. The results were more intimidating.

Admit it - you also throw away a lot of products?

On the results of work carried out by the Netherlandsscientists led by Monica van den Bos-Verma, was told in the scientific journal Plos One. According to scientists, when the amount of food thrown away increases dramatically, as soon as more than $ 6.7 is spent per person. According to their calculations, every person throws away food with an energy value of about 527 kilocalories, while in 2005, the FAO organization claimed that this figure was 214 kilocalories. It turns out that humanity throws out twice as much food as previously thought.

Mankind misuses food

According to Dr. Tom Achterbosch, if peoplemore consciously treated with food, instead of four people could feed as many as five. This is especially true for countries where most people with low wages live. Researchers believe that reducing the amount of food consumed can only be a little by changing the diet and eating habits. For example, when going to the store, you can simply make a list of the most necessary purchases and buy only those products that are needed.

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To understand how much food is required forto satisfy hunger, it can be taken into account that daily it is recommended for men to consume about 2500 calories, and for women - half as much. Of course, you can’t do without waste, but their amount should not be more than 214 calories. Unfortunately, over the past 20 years, there has been a bad tendency in society to buy food with a margin and throw away leftovers.

In developing countries, food represents as much as 67% of all garbage disposed of.

This trend is especially noticeable in developed countries.countries whose residents can afford to buy as many products that they are not able to eat before the expiration date. According to researchers, in some countries food waste makes up as much as 67% of all garbage disposed of.

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