How much does cloning a cat or dog cost?

Just think about it - from the birthday of the clonedDolly the sheep in 1996, more than twenty years have passed! The creation of animal clones has long turned from fiction into reality, and there are already many biotechnology companies in the world that provide such an unusual service. Typically, their customers are pet lovers who want to see their pets even after their death. One such company is the Chinese Sinogene Biotechnology, in the laboratory of which a cloned kitten named Garlic was recently born. Biologists charge quite a lot of money for work, but it's worth it.

The company has already conducted successful cloningdogs, but she took up cats only in 2018. At a recent press conference in Beijing, Sinogene Biotechnology representatives announced that they were finally able to create a cat clone. They did not go into details, but only said that they had transferred the cells of the cat requiring reproduction to the body of the surrogate mother. 66 days after the cell transplant, July 21, 2019, the mother gave birth to an exact copy of the pet. The kitten was given the nickname Garlic.

Chinese cat named Huang Yu

The first cloned cat in China

Cloning was done by human ordernamed after Juan Yu. According to him, his domestic cat died from a disease of the urinary tract and he really wanted his pet to always stay with him, at least in the form of a copy. Representatives of Sinogene Biotechnology assure that the cloned kitten looks exactly like the favorite of the customer and the differences are only in its nature. However, in the future biologists want to transfer the memories of animals into cloned individuals using artificial intelligence. Only here is how they will do it, again, they are in no hurry to tell.

Kitten Garlic - a clone created in China

How much does cloning cost?

If the company really will createexact clones, she will obviously have many clients. According to statistics, there are currently about 73 million pet owners in China. Some of them live a variety of parrots, spiders and even snakes, but still the vast majority prefers cats and dogs. The idea of ​​“resurrecting” dead animals by means of cloning seems very tempting - let's discuss in our chat, would you use this service?

In 2017, Sinogene Biotechnology successfully cloned a moon moon dog

If yes, then you are probably interested in the pricecloning. In an article about the possibility of creating a copy of the saddest cat in the world, we mentioned that biotechnology companies ask for about $ 25,000 for the service. At Sinogene Biotechnology, the cost of cloning, for unknown reasons, is much higher and depends on the animal. Thus, the company asks for $ 35,000 for cloning a cat, and $ 54,000 for creating a dog clone.

What about cloning people? Are we ready for this?

We think that this price will not last long andwill constantly grow. We have already mentioned that in the future, the company wants to equip the clones with the memories and character of the dead individual using artificial intelligence. And where did you see that such technologies are cheap? Perhaps a complete “kit” of cloning will cost several tens of thousands of dollars more. However, the high cost of cloning will not stop true pet lovers. Singer Barbara Streisand, for example, easily gave away as much as $ 50,000 for cloning her dog.

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