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How much do the richest people on the planet earn?

While the crisis caused by the pandemicCoVID-19, pushed 267 people from the list of the richest people in the world according to Forbes, there are still many billionaires around to take their vacant seats. For the third year in a row, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos tops the list of the world's richest people. And this despite the divorce proceedings, which reduced his capital from $ 131 billion to $ 113 billion. Moreover, as a result of the divorce, the ex-wife of Bezos Mackenzie Bezos made her debut on the list at number 22 with a fortune estimated at $ 36 billion. Recently, a report by Oxfam International was published, according to which the 22 richest people in the world have more in total wealth than millions of women in Africa, the most vulnerable group in the world according to the authors of the report. Given the fact that the wealth of the whole world is in the hands of 1% of the population, the new coronavirus pandemic will show how destructive social inequality is in the world.

The richest people in the world in 2020. Did you recognize everyone?

However, since the beginning of the CoVID-19 pandemic, the whole world has started talking about the fact that the new coronavirus is a kind of "Great leveler"since even the richest people on Earth do notinsured against SARS-CoV-2 virus. And even regardless of how many mechanical ventilation devices (IVL) they will acquire for personal use. The fall in the number of billionaires this year already reflects the economic impact of the pandemic. According to the authors of the report, women all over the world, especially those living in poverty, carry out more than three quarters of all unpaid care work, which is underestimated and taken for granted by both business and governments. Meanwhile, an aging population, reduced government spending and a climate crisis will exacerbate gender and economic inequalities in the future.

If the global economy was focused on socially important things, such as caring for others, our world would be completely different.

The richest people on the planet 2020

Together with Amazon founder in the top fiveBill Gates got the list of the richest people in the world, taking second place. Following him - in third place was Bernard Arnault, chief executive officer of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. He beat the legendary investor Warren Buffett with a fortune of 76 billion dollars and took an honorable third place. Buffett was in fourth place after his fortune declined by $ 15 billion - to $ 67.5 billion. Also in the top five was Bill Gates - he remained in second place, and his fortune is estimated at 98 billion dollars, which is 1.5 billion more than last year. Oracle founder Larry Ellison ranks fifth with a fortune of $ 59 billion.

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In sixth place with a net worth of $ 55.1 billionturned out to be Amancio Ortega, co-founder of the owner of Zara Inditex. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg followed with $ 54.7 billion. Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma became the owner of a fortune of $ 38.8 billion, which allowed him to take 17th place. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who recently announced that he is donating $ 1 billion to charity, including the fight against CoVID-19, took 804th place with a fortune of $ 2.6 billion.

Given the distribution of resources, it is not surprising that there are so many problems in the world

It should be noted that the donation of Dorsey isthe largest to date, although many other billionaires, including Arno, Zuckerberg and Gates, have also donated funds to fight the pandemic. Some of them use their factories to make face masks and hand sanitizers. So, LVMH is engaged in the production of hand sanitizers and accepts orders for surgical masks. In 2020, the Forbes index for the first time hit 178 billionaires. Among them is Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, whose popularity has increased dramatically due to the fact that most of the world's population is forced to work from home during an outbreak of coronavirus. According to Forbes, his fortune is $ 5.5. billion dollars.

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In general, in the 2020 ranking there are 2,095 billionaires for a total of $ 8 trillion - compared with 2.153 and $ 8.7 trillion, respectively, in 2019. At the same time, about 267 people dropped out of the list, anda record 1062 people witnessed a fall in their condition against the backdrop of a pandemic. Among those who are experiencing a decline in condition, President Trump, whose net worth has decreased by $ 1 billion since 2019, when the US president took 715th place.

TOP 5 richest people on the planet

  • Jeff BezosAmazon founder - $ 113 billion
  • Bill Gates, Microsoft founder - $ 98 billion
  • Bernard Arnault, Executive Director of Louis Vuitton - $ 76 billion
  • Warren Buffettinvestor - $ 67.5 billion
  • Larry allison, co-founder of Oracle - $ 59 billion

The problem of social inequality

Despite growing awareness of growthInequalities, most world leaders continue to follow political programs that benefit the rich and harm the poor. Such data are provided in an Oxfam report, which also indicates tax cuts for billionaires promoted by US President Donald Trump and Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro. If the richest 1% of the world's population paid only 0.5% of the tax on their cumulative condition - and not on annual income - then overover the next 10 years, this would have made it possible to pay for the work of 117 million people worldwide in the field of education, health care and elderly care. True, what salary they should receive in the report is not reported.

If we truly value caring for others, thenmust rethink the existing financial system so that millions of women in the poorest countries can find time to get an education or to pursue their own, better-paid job

Millions of people suffer from a shortage of drinking water, food and vital resources

Scientists estimate that by 2030, 2.3 billionpeople will need care, and this is 200 million more than in 2015. But governments around the world are increasing taxation on the poorest, cutting government spending, and privatizing education and healthcare, Oxfam said. In the next five years, 2.4 billion people will face water shortages due to climate change. I wrote in one of the previous articles about why drinking water production is difficult.