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How much are human organs?

As you know, we are all unique and unique.priceless. Despite this, each of us could one day wonder about the cost of a particular organ, and, hopefully, not with the aim of buying a new iPhone model. One of the most frequently extracted substances from the human body is, of course, blood, which is used for further transfusion to those in need. Blood donation is possible only when a person reaches the age of 18, provided that the donor weighs 50 kilograms or more. Compensation for blood donation in the Russian Federation is relatively small and amounts to 1200 - 7000 rubles.

Each person always carries a good capital with him, but he is unlikely to ever decide to use it.

How much does Homo Sapiens cost?

Another “renewable resource” of humanbody are hair that can be sold absolutely legally and without damage to health if necessary. The most expensive hair is light brown unpainted hair, which can be sold at a price of up to 10 thousand rubles per 100 grams. The least valuable for buyers are dark and colored strands, estimated at 1-2 thousand rubles per 100 grams.

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Sperm that anyone can donate toa healthy man aged 18 to 40 years, most often estimated from 1.5 to 4000 rubles. In order to get the right amount, the donor will have to undergo a full medical examination, which includes a blood test for HIV and hepatitis. Similar tests are coming for girls who decide to become egg donors. For one successful fence, the clinic pays up to 80 thousand rubles with the condition that the surrender can be carried out only 6-8 times in life.

Ovum under the microscope

Approximately1,500 organ transplant surgeries, all of which are performed on a voluntary basis. So, in the Russian Federation transplantation is not forbidden in a kind donation, in which transplantation is possible for native children, brothers or sisters, as well as parents. In addition, anyone can share their bone marrow with the needy. Note: all types of transplants in our country can be performed only on a disinterested basis, and all paid “services” are considered in article 120 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

According to an article published by furfur in 2015, the cost of organs on the black market can reach up to 350 thousand dollars. So, the liver, lungs and cornea of ​​the eye, whose cost ranges from 200 to 350 thousand, are recognized as the most expensive organs of the human body, followed by the pancreas and kidneys, the cost of which reaches 70 thousand dollars, and the sex glands with the cost of 15 are considered the cheapest organs thousand dollars and leather, 6 square centimeters of which will cost 10 thousand dollars. The bone marrow already mentioned above, whose weight in the human body can reach up to 2.5 kilograms, can be sold at a price of 23 thousand dollars per gram, but its price will drop sharply if you are dead at the time of organ removal.

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You may be surprised, but humanthe skeleton is also really buy and sell. A number of sites on the Internet offer to buy real human bones at a price of $ 35 quite legally and with all the necessary documents. In general, the full cost of the human body is approximately 57 642 500 rubles, however, it should be borne in mind that all the above prices are approximate and depend on many subjective factors.