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How many dangerous dinosaurs have lived on Earth in history?

Some of the most dangerous animals in historyThe earth is considered to be tyrannosaurs. They were huge predators with a large skull, which was balanced by a long and heavy tail. Once, paleontologists managed to find the remains of a tyrannosaurus, the body length of which was more than 12 meters, and the mass was almost 10 tons. Thanks to their impressive size and sharp teeth, these creatures could easily tear any animals to shreds. In total, scientists managed to find about a hundred of their remains, which is very good luck - recently it became known that there were not so many tyrannosaurs on our planet. To be more precise, about 2.5 billion individuals were born in 2 million years. In this article, we will find out how scientists managed to count the number of animals that have long died. Have they somehow dug up all the bones hidden under the ground?

Scientists were able to calculate how many tyrannosaurs lived on Earth in history. There were few of them

The most important rule of biology

Of course, no one is digging out all the availablethe remains of tyrannosaurs were not dealt with. If scientists managed to do this, the event was talked about in all publications and it would be the most amazing scientific achievement in the history of mankind. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley took into account one of the most basic rules of biology. It states that the larger an animal is in size, the smaller its population. It is this rule that can explain the fact that about 10 quadrillion ants live on our planet. But today there are only about 10,000 huge blue whales.

Ants are very small, which is why there are so many of them.

The number of tyrannosaurs on Earth

Tyrannosaurs were very large predators,therefore, the researchers knew in advance that the number of these creatures was low. To find a more accurate number, the scientists also took into account how much energy they needed to survive - it turned out that they had to be as strong as Komodo monitors and lions. In addition, the authors of the scientific work took into account that tyrannosaurs reached sexual maturity at the age of 14 and lived until about 28 years of age.

The photo shows one of the most complete tyrannosaurus skeletons. It belongs to an individual named "Sue"

Combining all these data, they came to the conclusion thatthroughout history, about 2.4 billion tyrannosaurs have lived on our planet. This is 127 thousand generations, which replaced each other for about 2 million years. Mostly dangerous dinosaurs lived in what is now North America. However, in ancient times, the western part of this continent was the island of Laramidia. It may seem that billions of dangerous predators are a lot. But in fact, tyrannosaurs were very rare. On an area of ​​177 square kilometers, millions of years ago, you could have encountered only two Tyrannosaurs. It's like meeting two dinosaurs in Sochi (176 square kilometers) - try to find.

Laramidia island on the map

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According to research author Charles Marshall(Charles Marshall), people are very lucky that in the entire history they managed to find at least about 100 remains of these ancient predators. If not 2.5 billion, but 2.5 million tyrannosaurs lived on Earth, we would not be able to find a single remains and would not even know about the existence of such giants. Based on this, the question arises - what animals of antiquity we still do not know due to the fact that they were very large and their population was very small? Perhaps right now, in the depths of our planet, lie the remains of a couple of ancient monsters the size of Godzilla.

Perhaps something like Godzilla lived on our planet, but we just don't know about him.

Perhaps many people would not have known about the existencetyrannosaurs even now. Scientists have found the remains of these creatures dozens of times, but they became recognizable only after the release of the films "Jurassic Park". In the movies, tyrannosaurs are presented as huge predators that could catch up with anyone and tear them apart. However, in films, we often lie, including about dinosaurs. In the movies, these creatures are covered with scales, but most of the species had areas of plumage on them. Scientists also believe that tyrannosaurs could not run fast and could reach speeds of about 27 kilometers per hour.

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The largest and most adult tyrannosaurus, whichmanaged to discover the scientist is "Scotty". His remains were excavated back in 1991, but his record age became known relatively recently. In the course of studying the bones, scientists came to the conclusion that he weighed more than 8.8 tons and died at a record 30 years for tyrannosaurs. You can read more about it in this article.