How long does it take to become a professional in any business?

Probably everyone wants to becomeprofessional in their field. After all, knowing all the intricacies of your work, you can get a high salary and even become a famous person. After all, which of us did not dream of becoming a popular musician or, say, a professional race car driver? Some experts on personal effectiveness claim that in order to gain professional skills, a person needs to work hard for 10,000 hours. For a long time, this theory was considered quite true and has been written about in many business books. It seems that we have been lying all this time.

The "10,000 hours rule" was coined in the 1990s

In general, the so-called "rule of 10,000 hours",was invented in the 1990s by psychologist Anders Erickson of the Berlin Academy of Music. He conducted a study in which he divided his violin students into three groups. The first “star” group included especially gifted students who in the future could well become famous musicians. The second group consisted of “middle peasants” who had chances to become famous in small cities. The third group included “outsiders,” who could become maximum teachers of music in ordinary schools.

How to become the best in your field?

After conducting a survey, the psychologist found that practicallyall students started making music at about 5 years old. For the first three years, they were very passionate about the occupation and devoted to playing the violin for 2-3 hours a week. However, over time, some students began to rehearse less often, but some were so interested that they played a musical instrument up to 30 hours a week. According to the psychologist’s calculations, it was these students who became masters of their craft, and at a rather young, 20-year-old age. By this time, they had spent about 10,000 hours playing the violin - this discovery was the reason for the rule of the same name.

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Given that due to the availability of holidays,vacation and all kinds of distractions, a person can not daily engage in improving skills, then to acquire professionalism will require quite a lot of time. If you consider, for example, that a person will be able to devote 4-5 hours every weekday, then to the level of a master of his craft he will need about 8 years of hard work.

How to quickly become a professional?

As much as 8 years of constant playing the violin or guitar- it sounds very scary, right? However, a new study by psychologists from the US state of Ohio may please you. They decided to re-conduct an experiment in the 1990s with 39 volunteers playing the violin. It turned out that by the age of 20, the most experienced musicians had spent just 6,000 hours rehearsing. At the same time, mediocre violinists exhausted themselves for 11,000 hours. What turns out - to gain professionalism does not need to spend a lot of time?

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It turns out that yes. Psychologists do not know what the backlog of especially diligent musicians is connected with. Perhaps they were not sufficiently motivated and rehearsed through force, while musicians who became professionals were especially interested in their work and achieved much greater results by spending a minimum of time.

It would be interesting to know if you have ever heard of the “10,000 hours rule”? In what business would you like to become a professional? Write in the comments.