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How long does it take to actually fly to the moon?

As you know, all manned satellite flightsof our planet were carried out only on spaceships, taking about 3 days, 3 hours and 49 minutes in time. For a vast distance of 380,000 kilometers, this is an acceptable time, but it is worth noting that NASA scientists have already completed faster flights. For example, a satellite launched at a speed of 58,000 km / h, flew to the Moon in just 8 hours and 35 minutes, and thanks to the development of powerful engines and various modifications of spacecraft, over time, the flight to the Moon began to take even less time. But what happens if you suddenly want to make a space trip not on a spaceship, but on a bicycle or a balloon? How much time will it take you to overcome the several hundred thousand kilometers that separate our planet from its natural satellite?

How much to fly to the moon?

Flight to the moon

Currently, the astronauts have already committedmany expeditions both to the moon itself and to its orbit. On average, a space flight from our planet to a satellite takes from 3 to 5 days, starting from the moment of launch, an average flight of 380 thousand kilometers, and ending with the landing itself, depending on the specific goals of the expedition. The flight duration is influenced by many factors, both foreseen and not foreseen. Of no small importance is the spacecraft itself and its speed capabilities, coupled with efficiency. So, for example, in 2003, an expedition to the moon was launched, which in total took one year, one month and two days, considered up to our time the most economical.

According to an article published on the, modern experts have calculated the approximate amount of time that would have to spend on a trip to the moon on various modes of transport, if it were possible. So, if you imagine that you can reach the moon by car, how much time would it take to travel?

Astronomers believe that in order to go beyondlimits of the Earth’s atmosphere, a car at a speed of 60 km / h will take about an hour. Outside of our planet, light transport would have taken significantly longer, since traveling to the moon is about 10 times the circumference of our planet. In other words, a car driver would have to travel around the world 10 times in a row in order to travel an equivalent distance from the Earth to its natural satellite.

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How long does it take to get to the moon by bike?

Obviously, if you are going on a tripto the moon by bicycle, it will take significantly longer than on a shuttle or car. If we assume that the average cyclist’s speed reaches about 16 km / h on average, then to leave the Earth’s atmosphere, a traveler will need to pedal non-stop for about six hours, which, accordingly, will require six times more free time compared to a car.

In case you have in stockown balloon, and for some reason you really want to get to the moon, you should know that there is already a prototype of a balloon for space tourism in the world, because of which your trip to the Earth’s satellite may not become so unique a phenomenon in terms of science.

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If we could travel between the Earth and its natural satellite, then by what transport would you go there? Let's try to discuss this issue in our Telegram chat.

If you imagine that a balloon canIf you deliver you in integrity and safety to the moon itself, then you will have to fly almost as much time as the average cyclist would need for a similar trip. In addition to a speed of 8 km / h, the implementation of an ambitious idea can be hindered by weather conditions in the form of strong gusts of wind, as well as an ever smaller amount of oxygen as you move away from the surface of our planet.