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How is boredom good for our body?

Everyone gets bored from time to time.Once upon a time, this feeling was characteristic only of rich people, because ordinary peasants were forced to work from morning to night and they simply had no time to get bored. Now boredom can overtake even during work and people now and then look into their smartphones to have fun. Many people are afraid to admit they are bored because others may accuse them of being lazy. However, psychologist Sandi Mann believes that feeling bored can tell a person a lot about their emotional state and help draw conclusions that can improve their quality of life. As part of this article, I invite you to understand what boredom is and how it can improve your quality of life.

Boredom was once considered a sin. But there are pluses to this feeling.

What is boredom?

This may seem like a very simple question.But it is worth trying to formulate the answer, it turns out that the question is very philosophical. Many great people tried to find an answer to it, and some of them succeeded. The most common theory is that boredom is a kind of "desire for desire." Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips once put boredom in these words:

... a state of distracted anxiety that induces in us an absurd desire for desire.

And some scholars compare the feeling of boredom withtip of the tongue syndrome. That is, a bored person is clearly missing something, but what exactly is not clear. To figure out what boredom is, people have been trying for many decades. The German philosopher Martin Heidegger has studied this question most of all, who identified three types of boredom:

  • forced boredom with which nothing can be done. She can overtake a person while waiting for a bus or something else. A person has nothing to do and all that remains for him is to wait and get bored;
  • painful boredom, which is a sign of a person's psychological problems. It occurs with depression, when a person does not see the point in anything;
  • boredom "on the tip of the tongue" when a person wants something, but does not understand what exactly.

Some scholars believe that boredom isthe problem of our time. Previously, only rich people could get bored, and workers were so busy that this feeling was alien to them. However, even they probably got bored at times, waiting for the holidays, when they can have at least a little rest.

Sooner or later, the boredom goes away, so there is nothing to worry about

Boredom during a pandemic

Boredom was especially pronounced in people duringquarantine associated with the coronavirus pandemic. A study of the emotional response of Italy's residents to quarantine revealed that people cited boredom as the second most negative consequence of being forced into confinement at home. But in this boredom, you can find one positive feature. Having lost the simple pleasures of life like walking in the park and meeting friends, people began to appreciate them more. Some studies have found that boredom and nagging about this unpleasant condition can help people maintain their sanity.

During self-isolation, many people took a fresh look at their lives.

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The benefits of boredom

According to psychologist Sandy Mann, to drive away sensationno boredom. Researcher John Eastwood has a similar emphasis, because it is important to listen to this feeling. After all, it may well be that the body wants to say something. If a person gets bored while working, it may be a symptom of a need to change their life. According to him, boredom is a great reason to look at your life from the outside and understand what a person means when he says that he is "bored".

Try to capitalize on boredom next time, you can.

At the same time, try to get rid of boredom with the help ofsmartphone can be very harmful. People are already used to the fact that social networks can entertain them at any time. However, over time, they cease to be interesting. But a person still takes a smartphone in his hands in the hope that the feeling of boredom will go away. Not having received the desired result, a person may fall into an even more depressive state.

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