"How I bought an iPhone 11 for 1 ruble": the story of a girl from Moscow

The heroine of this post is Yana. For several weeks now, she has been the owner of a brand new device, purchased by her for a symbolic payment - 1 ruble. For this, the girl did not have to participate in lotteries, gambling and other scams. Its secret is a young Moscow startup, which has no analogue anywhere in the world! Intrigued? Then go to the post!

Various couponers (sites for the salepromotional codes for discounts) now you will not surprise anyone. But as we can see, this area is moving forward, offering Internet users very tasty bonuses. Just imagine that you can not only get a promotional code with a discount on the product you need (laptop, tablet), but also get a gorgeous gadget almost free for just 1 ruble (in case of winning the promotion).

Box-sale works according to this scheme. This is a marketplace of contests and discounts that helps people to purchase equipment in online stores at a profit, and for sellers to attract new customers. It seems that everything is clear so far, but let's take a closer look.

Yes, you need to purchase promo codes to participate in promotions. But the main feature of this service is that the person in any case will remain in the black.

Judge for yourself. After purchasing the coupon, you will receive a promo code for a guaranteed discount in the online store of the promoter via SMS. A person can immediately, without waiting for the results of the promotion, go to the store to purchase a product with a discount using the purchased promotional code.

P.S. Discounts on promotional codes are several times higher than their cost, plus there is an opportunity to become the winner of a cool promotion from Box-sale. In our example, Yana bought a promotional code for a discount of 1,000 rubles for only 199 rubles, but Yana was lucky she won the promotion and bought a brand new Apple iPhone 11 worth 54,990 for just 1 ruble.

Do you still think that this is some kind of "attraction of unprecedented generosity"?

If you look closely, this startup leaves everyone in the black. See for yourself:

1. Box-sale makes money on coupons.

2. Online stores attract new people to their brand.

3. People who bought a promotional code and received a discount in the partner's store, even if they did not win in the promotion, remain with their money and can go and buy a product at a discount.

The theory seems to be sorted out. How exactly did Yana manage to buy an iPhone for 1 ruble?

“I found out about Box-sale quite by accident. I wanted to update my phone for the New Year, and the site just offered a very profitable promotional code for a discount. Of course, I also really wanted to win their promotion and take the iPhone 11, but I didn't even hope - I never won anything.

I missed the live debriefing, butthat day I received an SMS with a prize promo code. Next, a Box-sale employee contacted me, explained how to get an iPhone 11 for 1 ruble and congratulated me on winning the promotion. I immediately went to the online store of the campaign sponsor and entered the prize promo code. iPhone 11 began to cost 1 ruble instead of 54,990, I paid only 1 ruble and indicated the delivery address. In general, the process is no different from buying in any online store, only the product costs 1 ruble, plus free shipping is also pleasing. Already on the fourth day, after placing the order, a courier contacted me and delivered a telephone number to my home, ”said Yana Salikova, winner of one of the Box-sale promotions. </ i>

Now let's point by point: where to go, what to click, how the results of competitions are summed up

1. Choose your favorite promotion on the site Box-sale.

2. We go to the online store and buy a product at a discount and enjoy the purchase.

3. We are patient and await the summing up of the results of the "Gadget for 1 ruble" promotion - you participate in it automatically. You don't need to do anything extra. The results of the actions are summed up live (judge for yourself - everything is transparent).

4. Everyone! We win the action and enjoy a brand new smartphone / headphones / other device, as Yana Salikova is doing now.

This is how the results of the drawing of the iPhone 11 and Samsung S20 took place

Enjoy your online shopping and good luck with your sweepstakes! Be like Yana!

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