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How hydrogen sulfide helps against HIV

Recently, scientists have significantly approachedto the creation of a cure for HIV, and even found a gene mutation in animals that blocks the reproduction of the virus, but the drug still does not exist. But on the other hand, they learned to contain the virus with antiretroviral therapy. Patients are given several drugs at once that prevent HIV from multiplying, since they suppress certain viral proteins. Let me remind you that he HIV belongs to the retroviruses, which are known for their ability to integrate into the genome. Under unfavorable circumstances, for example, during therapy, HIV can “fall asleep”. During this period, his genes are inactive, respectively, he does not reproduce new viral particles and proteins. In other words, a person can live with HIV without experiencing any of the health problems caused by the virus. However, there are situations when the virus leaves therapy for some reason. In addition, the therapy itself often causes serious health problems, as toxic substances accumulate in the cells, which cause oxidative stress. In this case, inflammation occurs, internal organs suffer. But it seems that Indian scientists from the Banglore Research Institute have found a solution to this problem.

Scientists have found a substance that will help in the fight against HIV

New Antiviral Therapy Against HIV

Given the disadvantages of existing therapy againstHIV, scientists have been racking their brains for a long time over how to make it more effective and safe. In addition, it is obvious that medicine does not have enough funds that would allow to temporarily stop therapy, so that the body can rest from it, but without the risk of activating the virus and its rapid subsequent multiplication.

Current antiretroviral therapy has several major disadvantages

Scientists from the Science Institute in Bangalore founda tool that can solve all of the above problems at once. It turned out to be hydrogen sulfide (H2S). As you know, it is a poisonous gas with a specific odor, reminiscent of rotten eggs. However, few people know that hydrogen sulfide is always present in our tissues and cells, moreover, it actively participates in various intracellular processes. Of course, this gas is contained in the body in very small quantities.

According to experts, hydrogen sulfide is capable ofsuppress oxidative stress by reducing the content of reactive oxygen species. The latter are an oxidizing agent that causes oxidative stress. By the way, in my article on green tea, I said that oxidative stress can be beneficial if it is dosed, since in this case the protective function of cells is activated. This is the main benefit of green tea. But hydrogen sulfide acts differently - it completely stops the oxidation process.

Research published in eLife,showed that at the moment when HIV wakes up, the activity of the enzyme responsible for the content of hydrogen sulfide inside the cell decreases. When this enzyme is artificially suppressed, the redox balance is disturbed, which affects the work of mitochlondria.

Poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas will help fight HIV

Let me remind you that the latter perform the function in the cellpower plants. This, in turn, leads to a change in the activity of some genes, and as a result, the immunodeficiency virus is activated. The study showed that in the case of an increase in the content of hydrogen sulfide in the cell, the activity of the virus decreases, and it ceases to multiply rapidly.

"Our results show that HIV latency maintenance and reactivation are closely related to H2S levels in infected cells," the study authors say.

How hydrogen sulfide helps fight HIV

As the researchers say, when insidecells appear a sufficient amount of hydrogen sulfide, the intracellular signaling pathway begins to work. The latter provides the cell with protection from oxidative stress. At the same time, one of the proteins that usually triggers the inflammatory process stops working in the immune system.

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Also, to DNA next to HIV genesa protein is attached that blocks the activation of these genes. As a result, the virus cannot wake up. In other words, hydrogen sulfide affects the processes in the three aforementioned directions at once - it increases the effectiveness of therapy, suppresses side effects and eliminates inflammation, and also prevents the virus from waking up, which will allow a pause between courses of therapy.

It is possible to increase the level of hydrogen sulfide in cells whenusing appropriate medications. But, as usual, before using such drugs, the technology must undergo clinical trials and prove its safety. Finally, let me remind you that an HIV vaccine is also on the way, which has also shown its effectiveness.