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How does working in an unreliable place affect a person’s character?

Are you sure that you will work onyour current job in a year, or can they still fire you? Australian scientists recently found that if a person works on a temporary contract, part-time or just in an unreliable company, in a few years he can become a completely different person. The fact is that such people are more likely than others to feel anxiety and stay in a stressful state for a long time. As a result, they begin to treat people around with great distrust and, on the whole, change their worldview and character. Ultimately, their productivity decreases, which is why the risk of dismissal increases on the contrary. In addition, such people may have problems in their personal lives.

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All this was recently written in an article,published in the scientific journal Journal of Applied Psychology. A team of scientists led by Lena Wang analyzed data on 1,046 workers in various fields, covering a nine-year period of time. The information was collected through a HILDA survey that examined the Australian labor market and the financial well-being of local people. According to the researchers, many people do not even suspect that the lack of confidence in the stability of their work harms their well-being and gradually changes their character and attitude towards life.

What is the nature of a person changing?

To determine the character of each participantresearch and their relationship to other people, researchers have identified in them the level of five personal qualities that are present in varying degrees in each person. This model, which reflects a person’s attitude to other people, is better known as the Big Five and includes five personality traits:

  • neuroticismin which a person has low self-esteem and high anxiety;
  • extraversioncharacterized by activity and sociability of a person;
  • openness to new experienceconsisting in curiosity and a creative approach to tasks;
  • benevolencein which a person trusts people and is open to cooperation;
  • good faith, which implies attention to detail and concentration.

Having studied the data of volunteers and their personality traitsat different intervals, scientists made a very interesting discovery. It turned out that previously friendly and conscientious people, after four years of anxiety for their work, ceased to trust people and work with lesser dedication and concentration.

If an employee is not sure about tomorrow, he will stop working with colleagues

Scientists consider this an unexpected discovery, becausethat it would be more logical to assume that a person at risk of losing his job would, on the contrary, work better so that he would not be fired. But in reality, alarmed by their precarious situation, employees, on the contrary, lose their interest and begin to less communicate with and support their colleagues. Because of this, serious problems can arise in the work team, therefore it is extremely important for employers to be aware of the possible risks.

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Researchers believe that to maintaingood atmosphere in the team, it is important for employers to maintain the confidence of employees in the future. For example, they can send them to continuing education courses, thereby making it clear that they see potential in them and are not going to fire.