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How does sunlight affect human productivity?

How well a person understands and in generalfeels, largely depends on environmental conditions. Imagine that you have to work every day in a stuffy basement with an ordinary incandescent lamp - it immediately becomes somehow uncomfortable, right? That is why large companies like Google and Facebook are trying to provide their employees with clean and well-lit offices with large windows. In the course of numerous studies, scientists have identified a close relationship between the level of natural light in offices and people's productivity. As shown by the results of new scientific work conducted by scientists from the US state of South Carolina, natural light not only helps to quickly and efficiently cope with work, but also significantly improves night sleep. But how does solar light affect us so?

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The benefits of the sun

Mostly, sunlight is good because ithelps our body to produce vitamin D. Once in our skin, the ultraviolet radiation of the sun triggers chemical processes in human skin, resulting in the formation of cholecalciferol (the same vitamin D). In itself, this substance is inactive - first it penetrates the bloodstream into the kidneys and liver, and then turns into the active substance calcitriol.

The sun is such a distant, but at the same time very necessary star

The aforementioned calcitriol plays a key role inassimilation of another important day of our body substance - calcium. This chemical element is responsible for the strength of bones, as well as for the speed of information transfer to the brain. As a result, a person who is in natural light is physically stronger and thinks better than those who work in enclosed spaces and rarely see sunlight.

Sunlight strengthens not only the body, but also the spirit

In the course of scientific research, scientists found thatwith rare contact with sunlight, people are more prone to depression, suffer from high blood pressure and joint pain. Calcium, of course, can be obtained from products such as milk, eggs and fish, but this does not save a person from having to stay outside at least a few hours a day. Excessive consumption of dairy products or special preparations may cause an excess of calcium, which leads to intense thirst, nausea, weakness, and rapid urination. In general, in everything it is important to know the measure.

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How to improve sleep?

Recently, American scientists have found that in addition toproductivity at work, natural light also provides people with a longer and better sleep. According to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, they managed to prove this in a small experiment conducted in one of the offices of the English city of Durham.

This is what one of the premises of the Google office looks like. Cool windows, right?

Researchers have chosen two of the same space and made two changes. Blinds were installed on the windows of the first office, which prevent sunlight from entering the room. In another office, the windows were sealed with a special film that freely transmits the sun's rays, but prevents glare from forming, which can interfere when working with computers. It turned out two offices: one is dark and the other is light.

If you work in an office with artificial light for a long time, you can become like the hero of the Fight Club

Two groups of office workers worked hard at thesepremises for one week, and in the second week they exchanged offices. All this time, researchers carefully monitored their health. Basically, they were interested in how long and soundly they sleep. In collecting this data, they were helped by bracelets to track the physical activity of people during night sleep.

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After experiment and comparisonsleep indicators, scientists made a very interesting discovery. It turned out that while working in a bright room, people slept 37 minutes more every night. No, they were not late for work - just their sleep became much deeper and allowed the body to better prepare for the new day. Also, during the study, employees solved puzzles every day - light office workers improved their results every day. Overall, by the end of the week their mental abilities improved by 42%.

Many factors affect sleep quality, including the amount of sunlight received during the day.

Here are two proofs that naturallight is good for human well-being. It should only be remembered that one should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, especially between 12 and 15 p.m. when ultraviolet rays are especially dangerous. In the open air, it is necessary to wear sunglasses and cover most of the body with clothes - a headpiece is also required.

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