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How does smoking electronic cigarettes affect teeth?

Refusing ordinary cigarettes, many peoplefirst they switch to electronic analogues, believing that they are practically harmless and not threatening health. However, over the past few years, a number of scientists have questioned this statement: they found that nicotine is found even in electronic cigarettes without nicotine. And that's not all - toxic chemicals, such as nitrosamine, which can cause cancer, have been discovered in many electronic cigarette samples. But all these are the “invisible” consequences of smoking electronic cigarettes - what about the “visible”, for example, deterioration of teeth that inevitably occurs when smoking regular cigarettes?

It seems time to completely quit smoking

To find out, scientists of the Departmentof periodontology from Ohio State University conducted a study during which they observed the state of the oral cavity of people with different smoking experience. In the end, they found signs severe periodontitis in clinically healthy people who smokede-Sigs. According to their conclusion, this is due to the reaction of glycerol and propylene glycol - substances that are part of the liquid for electronic cigarettes. They form a film around the gums, which leads to inflammation of the teeth.

Periodontitis - The process of inflammation of the tissues that surround the tooth. Often accompanied by redness of the gums and ulcers. Periodontitis is irreversible, but amenable to dental treatment. Otherwise, it can lead to tooth loss.

The harm of electronic cigarettes

Scientists have found that in individuals often usingelectronic cigarettes, the microbiological composition of the gums of the front teeth is very similar. Then they compared it to that of non-smokers, as well as those who smoke at least 10 regular cigarettes a day for 5 years. Compared with the microbiological composition of the gums of healthy and people who smoke cigarettes, more pathogenic bacteria were found in e-cigarette consumers. The researchers concluded that smoke from electronic cigarettes has a completely different effect on the mucous membrane of a person’s mouth, although not in the best way.

Those who smoke regular cigarettes also hadmucosal inflammation was detected, but in their case, inflammatory processes occur due to completely different bacteria. In the case of electronic cigarettes, everything happens as follows: within a day after using the cigarette, the biofilm created by bacteria constantly increases due to the presence of glycerol and propylene glycol in the liquid, which are nutritious for pathogenic bacteria. The latter, in turn, lead to development gingivitis (gum disease) and periodontal disease (inflammation of the tissues around the tooth). Therefore, even in healthy people who use electronic cigarettes, signs of these diseases can be observed.

Biofilms on the gums of non-smokers (Control), as well as smokers with nicotine-free mixtures (0 mg) and nicotine mixtures (6 mg). In the case of electronic cigarettes, there are more of them.

Nicotine-free e-cigarette liquids

Does electronic cigarette harm nicotinecontained in most liquids? Researchers tested the effects of nicotine on the inflammation of teeth and gums and came to disappointing conclusions. It turned out that nicotine-free mixtures have an even more devastating effect on smoker's teeth: they contribute to the growth of microbial biofilms and lead to the formation of bacteria that are responsible for pathological processes.

But this does not mean that you need to immediately abandon the nicotine-free mixtures in favor of nicotinic ones. Nicotine mixtures for electronic cigarettes, having a pleasant and strong smell, may contain diacetyl. This chemical compound used inmainly as a substitute for aroma, it is the reason for the development of obliterating bronchiolitis, known as “popcorn lung disease”. Severe respiratory disease leads to an increase in respiratory and heart failure. “Popcorn lung disease” is accompanied by shortness of breath, cough (usually dry), general weakness, fatigue and a change in the shape of the fingers (thickening due to bone growths).

In addition, steam, like tobacco smoke, weakensthe protective forces of our body, which increases the risk of developing internal infections. Bacteria become more aggressive and harder to kill. This inhibits the ability of our own cells to attack and kill pathogens of dangerous diseases. It's hard to believe, but steam can be much more harmful than cigarette smoke. Those in our Telegram chat who still consider it a lesser evil are mistaken.

Why are vape dangerous?

Vapes are still poorly understood by scientists

An epidemic was recorded in the United States last yearan unknown disease among smokers of electronic cigarettes in the United States. Subsequently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established the cause of the mysterious disease.

In a patient’s lung fluid sample, a compound called Vitamin E acetate. If inhaled, this substance can lead to diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Research data does not mean what you needthrow away all electronic cigarettes and switch to regular ones. Such cigarettes cause no less harm to the body and lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system, brain and other organs. It's just that if doctors and scientists are thoroughly aware of the health risks of smoking regular cigarettes, then smoking electronic cigarettes has not been fully studied, so new facts come up periodically.