How does fast food affect people's ability to conceive a baby?

According to the World Health Organizationfor 2016, about 1.9 billion people suffer from obesity. Among them there are a huge number of men over 18 years of age who, due to overweight, experience problems with the work of the cardiovascular system and often cannot conceive a child. It turned out that you can restore reproductive function by changing the diet, namely refusing fast food with a high fat content. Why some families have problems conceiving a baby and why fast food chains are to blame, Australian scientists from Flinders University told.

Fast Food May Cause Infertility

Scientists have long known that due to being overweightin men, less androgen is produced. This term, as a rule, means male sex hormones produced by the testes. One of the main androgens in men is testosterone, which plays a huge role in sperm production. Therefore, due to obesity, sperm quality is reduced in many people, which becomes a problem when trying to conceive a child.

Extra harm to fast food

According to Australian scientists, many meninflict additional harm on themselves by continuing to eat already unhealthy fast food. They made this conclusion while studying the effect of large amounts of fat on testosterone in the blood of overweight men. The study was that they took blood samples from subjects when they ate a portion of fast food containing 51 grams of fat.

Fast food also harms the cardiovascular system

Analyzes showed that after a meal in the bloodalmost every volunteer testosterone level decreased by 25%. Researchers noticed that this effect persisted for at least the next four hours. Given that the level of testosterone in obese men is already at a very low level, their inability to conceive a child is not surprising.

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How to restore the reproductive system?

According to Professor Kelton Tremellen, ifa person eats fatty foods regularly several times a day, the quality of his sperm may drop to such a level that he probably will not be able to have children. Therefore, he recommended reducing the amount of fast food eaten to a minimum. In general, it is better to refuse fatty foods completely - in addition to all the above harm, it also negatively affects brain health.

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With all this, these recommendations are unlikely tohelp men without excess weight to restore reproductive function. The fact is that scientists took blood tests only from obese men. Perhaps in lean people, because of fast food, testosterone levels do not decrease at all. However, even if it decreases, they are unlikely to suffer from a lowered male hormone, so the reason for the inability to have children should be sought elsewhere.

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It is noteworthy that fast food affects not onlyon the health of men, but also of women. In 2018, scientists found that frequent visitors to fast food chains cannot get pregnant for a long time. Only here is how exactly fast food affects violates the reproductive function of women, while no one knows.