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How does China fight coronavirus in the midst of an outbreak?

The situation with the new coronavirus CoVID-2019 withevery day is becoming more intense. On February 29, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the maximum threat level for the coronavirus epidemic. This is the highest risk level in the WHO gradation. Experts report that controlling the spread of coronavirus infection is still possible. To do this, you must block all pathways of the virus. Recall that the CoVID-2019 outbreak began in December last year in Wuhan. Soon after the spread of the infection, the Chinese government took unprecedented quarantine measures.

Portraits of the victims of the coronavirus in Wuhan

Timeline of events in Wuhan

Recently, on the official international channel of the PRCCGTN published a video in English with a detailed account of how the fight against coronavirus took place in Wuhan. The video begins with a story about the city of Wuhan, whose population is 11 million people. By January 23, according to official figures, the number of infected was 495 people. To prevent the spread of the virus, it was decided to quarantine the city. Immediately after that, medical personnel from all over the country arrived in Wuhan. On the morning of January 24, construction of a hospital for 1000 beds began, which was completed in 10 days. Soon followed by the construction of another hospital.

The number of infected CoVID-2019 worldwide exceeded 80 thousand people

An interview with residents of Hubei Province, whichIt is still the center of the epidemic, showing a more complex picture - sadness, boredom, despair. This is reported by The New York Times in a recently published video. According to the information of American journalists, residents of Wuhan and quarantined cities publish information about what is happening on social networks, but such posts are very quickly deleted - censorship. Videos with crowded hospitals and patients who are not being treated due to a lack of medical staff quickly disappear from social networks.

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The empty streets of Wuhan

News.Sky interviewed several Wuhan residents. Mr. Peng spoke about his father, who spent three days in a quarantine prison without any medical assistance. As a result, an elderly man fell into a coma and soon died. What happened to his body is not reported to Mr. Peng. Another resident of Wuhan Maya, in an interview with a journalist via Skype, said that her friends, who worked in one of the hospitals in Wuhan, said almost nothing about what was happening. At the time of the conversation, Maya was locked in her apartment with her mother and a small child, and a guard was on duty at their door. The woman does not feel discontent, however, she criticizes the authorities for the fact that it took them so long to take action. Maya also noted that it is very difficult to talk openly about the situation with coronavirus in China.

According to The Wall Street Journal, afterthe tragic death of the doctor, who first spoke about the coronavirus and was arrested, citizens of the Middle Kingdom demand freedom of speech. Moreover, in connection with the threat of a pandemic in the world and the situation in China, WHO experts previously expressed the view that in order to prevent the spread of infection, some human rights can be neglected.