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How does brain surgery help fight alcoholism?

Today unless the lazy never heard ofthe dangers of alcohol. However, not everyone understands that even very small but daily doses of alcohol can lead to sad consequences. So, world-renowned expert in infectious diseases Frank Plummer every evening at bedtime drink 600 ml of whiskey. As a result, this habit led to the development of chronic liver failure and organ transplantation in 2014. But Plummer’s alcohol addiction was so strong that even a liver transplant did not solve the problem. Since it was not possible to get another liver, he decided to go the radical way and perform an operation on the brain.

Canadian scientist defeats alcohol addiction after brain surgery

An experimental treatment for addiction

Frank Plummer did not hide his addiction toTo alcohol and openly spoke about how difficult it is to deal with an illness. According to the scientist, he tried almost all existing ways to combat addiction, but all of them were ineffective. According to CBC News, Plummer found out about the results of a study of experimental treatment for addiction, which was worked on by specialists at the Sunbrook Medical Center in Toronto (Canada). Treatment offers a radical way to combat alcoholism and other addictions - brain surgery and the introduction of electrodes into it.

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Given his condition, Plummer turned forhelp to the center of Sunnybrook. After the introduction of the brain implant, doctors were able to stimulate the part of Plummer’s brain associated with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for obtaining pleasure and forming addiction. At the brain level, addiction is a chain of neural connections that does not function properly compared to healthy connections. Thus, such conditions associated with the work of the most complex organ of the human body require intervention directly in the brain.

The method of deep brain stimulation was used in the treatment of drug addiction

It is believed that Plummer became the first person inNorth America, which underwent experimental treatment to combat alcohol addiction, but researchers from the United States and other countries have been successful using deep brain stimulation to help people overcome their addiction to opioids and methamphetamine. Deep brain stimulation is a surgical method of treatment, during which a device is sent to the brain that sends electrical impulses to a specific part of the organ. Plummer, like other patients who underwent treatment, consider it effective.

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Note that today there is a largethe number of methods for treating addiction to alcohol and drugs and most of them are not radical. Nevertheless, everything is individual and in the case of Plummer, experts, like himself, note that all other known methods of dealing with addiction have been ineffective. Scientists hope that in the future this treatment method will help a large number of people cope with such an insidious disease.